10 reasons to visit Brazil that aren’t the Olympics

Come August, and all eyes will be on Rio, Brazil – the host city of Summer Olympics 2016. But Brazil has much more to offer, even beyond the Olympics. HomeAway picks 10 of the best:

1. The beaches:

Bask under the splendid sun at the iconic Rio de Janeiro beaches – Copacabana, Ipanema or Leblon. Staying at HomeAway’s beautiful properties in Copacabana is an ideal way to explore the sunny side of Brazil. If it is solitude you fancy, then head to Fernando de Noronha, which has the best undiscovered beaches in the country.

Brazil HomeAway Fernando de Noronha
Blissful beaches at Fernando de Noronha

2. The great Amazon:

There’s no bigger reason to visit the Amazon than the massive and ultra-gorgeous expanse of this rainforest. Take a look at HomeAway’s properties at Manaus for your stay. You will never be too far from the rain in the rainforests. However, June to December are relatively drier and hence better months to visit.

Brazil HomeAway Amazon
Cruise down the mighty Amazon river

3. Wildlife exploration:

Pantanal is an ecological wonder and one of the world’s largest wetlands. On show are hundreds of species of birds and animals in their natural habitat. Must-visit places include Cuiaba, Campo Grande and Bonito.

Brazil HomeAway wildlife
Wildlife in Pantanal

4. Local food from Brazil:

Restaurants here sell food by the kilo, so it’s an eat-all-you-can fest. Must-try dishes include Moqueca (fish stew), Acaraje (deep fried shrimps) and Feijoada (stew of beans, sausages and pork). Wash it down with a Caipirinhas, Brazil’s national cocktail.

HomeAway Brazil Acaraje
The tongue tickling Acaraje

5. Eclectic nightlife:

Explore the vibrant nightlife in the neighbourhoods of Jardins, Vila Olimpia and Itaim Bibi in São Paulo. Here are some HomeAway properties close to the action in the capital city of São Paulo. If you’re in Copacabana, visit hangouts like Fostobox, Pergola or the more casual Bip Bip.

The parties never stop in Brazil
The parties never stop in Brazil

6. Budget shopping:

Explore the vibrant bazaars, flea markets and smaller boutiques of São Paulo. These serve as a bargain hunter’s paradise. A trip to the municipal market is sure to give an insight into how the locals live.

Brazil HomeAway Shopping
Shop like the locals at Municipal Market. (Photo credit: R.M.Nunes / Shutterstock.com)

7. Culture, art and history:

History aficionados should head to Minas Gerais, which with its cobblestone streets and monuments of colonial mining towns, bears testimony to an era gone by. Brumadinho, 60km from Belo Horizonte, houses the Instituto de Arte Contemporanea Inhotim – which has 21 world-class modern art galleries and is the world’s largest open-air museum.

Brazil HomeAway Minas Gerais
Inhotim piece of art at Minas Gerais (photo credit: Silviofranca / Shutterstock.com)

8. Football love:

Soak in the eclectic football atmosphere as 26 Brazilian states play against each other in national tournaments that are usually scheduled over weekends. Argentinian fans: Keep mum!

Brazil HomeAway Football
Where football is religion

9. Adventure holidays:

Adrenaline seekers can take their pick from scuba diving, snorkelling in underground caves, trekking to enormous waterfalls, canopy tours, paragliding, hand gliding, kayaking 0r mountain biking. For beginners, nightwalking in the Amazon rainforest is a great way to kick off your Brazil adventure.

Brazil HomeAway
Paradise for thrill seekers

10. Volunteering:

If the standard touristy stuff bores you, then try volunteering at Brazil. Choose from various programs like child development, teaching English, environmental programs or even carnival preparation in Samba schools!

Brazil HomeAway
Volunteering at a local school

HomeAway’s verdict – A Brazil holiday is one every traveler must take at least once in a lifetime. You might just keep coming back for more !

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