12 HomeAway Destinations for your Family Travel Bucket List

Settling on a vacation destination that excites everyone in the family is always tricky. You must look for adventure, relaxation, serenity all rolled into one trip while carefully managing individual preferences – and that’s no mean feat. But we make your family travel planning easy with 12 HomeAway handpicked destinations, one to inspire family travel during each month of the year 2017.

1. Cebu, Philippines

HomeAway Cebu
Beautiful, conveniently located condo in Cebu

With its friendly and easy-going atmosphere, Cebu City is a great option for your family travel plans. Diving, snorkelling, island-hopping, bars, museums – you will be spoilt for choice. Also, you can always relax on the white-sand beaches! Get the holiday off to a thrilling start, at the Sky Experience Adventure at the Crown Regency and Towers. You’ll have the kids asking for more! This HomeAway luxury condo is an ideal pick for its central location and proximity to shopping centers.

Sleeps: 4 people; Average price per night: PHP 4,500

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2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

HomeAway Chiang Mai
Serene private pool villa in Chiang Mai

Arty temples, trendy bars, thrilling treks, beautiful handicraft villages, dragon boat rides – what’s not to love at the cultural capital of Thailand! Oh, and did we forget to mention the elephant farms? Bathe, feed or get going for an elephant ride – you have plenty to pick from. Look no further from this luxury villa with its picturesque and peaceful location. You can fish, relax or take a cooking class!

Sleeps: 8 people; Average price per night: PHP 31,594

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3. Phuket, Thailand

HomeAway Phuket
Two bedroom private pool villa in Phuket

Imagine yourself sipping delicious Pina Coladas while watching your kids search for turtles on a pristine white-sand beach! If this makes you want to pack your bags and leave right now, Phuket beckons. Apart from beaches, the island has mouth-watering seafood, beautiful nature tours and loads of local shopping. Make your family travel adventure unforgettable by booking this two-bedroom HomeAway villa with a fully functional kitchen to whip up your kids’ favourites with ease! The best aspects about this property are the beautiful beaches in the vicinity and a spa service on call.

Sleeps: 4 people; Average price per night: PHP 4,956

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4. Singapore

HomeAway Singapore
Apartment in Singapore with stunning views of Singapore’s skyline

Visiting Singapore is like hopping onto a thrilling roller coaster of adventure, wildlife, culture, delicious food, shopping and more. There is never a dull moment! To ensure that your family revels in the exciting itinerary without any hassles, the Lion City offers flawless public transport, clean streets, unparalleled safety, and plenty of fun activities for your little ones.  Up the convenience of your holiday by booking this stunning centrally-located apartment that offers a breath-taking view of Singapore’s amazing skyline.

Sleeps: 6 people; Average price per night: PHP 11,279

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5. Bali, Indonesia

HomeAway Bali
Great value for money private pool villa in Seminyak, Bali

If you want your kids to indulge in offbeat activities such as visiting lush-green rice terraces, scuba-diving to see a World-War II shipwreck, trekking an active volcano or picking shells on a black sand beach, Bali should be your next vacation spot. This budget-friendly destination is culturally rich and has amazingly warm and welcoming locals. When in Bali, a luxurious villa like this with a private pool is all you need! Nothing gets better than Bali for your family travel, we believe.

Sleeps: 4 people; Average price per night: PHP 6,439

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6. Hong-Kong

HomeAway Hong Kong
3 bedroom apartment in HongKong close to MTR

Disneyland, Ocean Park, dimsums, night markets and a show-stopping skyline! Need we say more? Hong-Kong is a perfect blend of modern architecture and old world charm. Our personal favourite for a rainy day or otherwise, is the Hong Kong Museum of History. It is sure to reawaken the child in you too! Book this warm, clean and conveniently located three-bedroom HomeAway to make the most out of your trip.

Sleeps: 8 people; Average price per night: PHP 6,539

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7. Tokyo, Japan

HomeAway Tokyo
Large and cozy 2 bedroom apartment in Tokyo

Tokyo is the magical land where you can take a bullet train to reach ageless temples. Here, they love animation, adventure, speed and traditions. Tokyo is an ideal family holiday destination due to the sheer diversity of activities and experiences it offers. From Railways and Digital museums, to Legoland and the Imperial Palace! Book a stay at this spacious apartment which is really close to shops, train stations and all major activities.

Sleeps: 12 people; Average price per night: PHP 7,143

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8. Bangkok, Thailand


While Bangkok might not come to your mind immediately when you are planning a vacation with your kids, you will be surprised to know how much this city has to offer for the tiny tots. Enthralling underwater life, exciting flight simulators, adventure parks, safaris and museums; Bangkok will not let your child have an idle moment, even for a moment. And this will leave you to shop till you drop, at jaw dropping prices! We recommend you ditch tiny, impersonal hotel rooms for this beautiful HomeAway apartment in the heart of the city.

Sleeps: 6 people; Average price per night: PHP 8,495

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9. Krabi, Thailand

HomeAway Krabi
Private pool villa in Krabi close to Ao Nang beach

If you pictured Krabi to be all about relaxing on beautiful beaches, well you’re right, but there’s a lot more! The city offers plenty of outdoor activities such as kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving and rock climbing to match the energy levels of your kids.  We would recommend you avoid the crowds and stay at this contemporary villa, very close to the Ao Nang beach to make the most of your family travel time.

Sleeps: 4 people; Average price per night: PHP 8,813

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10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

HomeAway KL
HomeAway apartment close to the buzz of Kuala Lumpur city

Kuala Lumpur has all the right ingredients for being a fantastic family travel destination – theme parks, bird park, aquarium, street food and shopping. Weekends and public holidays at theme parks tend to be crazy, with long queues and huge waiting time, so we suggest you pick a weekday to enjoy the rides. Book this two-bedroom HomeAway close to all the buzz in the city. Its 3-tier security with guards will leave you nothing to worry about.

Sleeps: 6 people; Average price per night: PHP 2,732

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11. Hanoi, Vietnam

HomeAway Hanoi
Centrally located HomeAway apartment in Hanoi

A beautiful blend of nature and culture, Hanoi will fascinate you with its serenity. Temples, sculptures, art – there’s so much to see in this historic city. Get the kids to the Bat Trang Pottery Village to paint a piece that can be your trip souvenir! Book this spacious, centrally-located apartment for your vacation. A fitness room and sauna are also available to add a bit of fitness regimen to your family travel.

Sleeps: 6 people; Average price per night: PHP 4,507

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12. Coorg, India

HomeAway Coorg
Beautiful HomeAway house with panoramic views in Coorg

Simply thinking about Coorg almost brings the aroma of coffee along with it! Known for its clean air and picturesque beauty, Coorg has lots of activities to offer – bird watching, trekking, wildlife safari and tours to coffee gardens. Feed the inquisitiveness in your child by showing him/her how coffee is made. When in Coorg, you would want to enjoy a HomeAway at this three-bedroom coffee cottage bungalow with panoramic views of the Western Ghats.

Sleeps: 12 people; Average price per night: PHP 6,009

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