7 Reasons Why We Love Sydney

A vibrant & diverse cosmopolitan city with a cool attitude set amid nature’s best. There are many reasons you’ll fall in love with Sydney!

1. The Beach is just  at your doorstep


things to do in sydney
Beach in Sydney


With the city surrounded by water, you are never far away from a beautiful beach. Bondi is the most popular beach. Aside from the stunning beach, explore cafes, bars and shops in the area. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, you’ll find secluded beaches around the Sydney Harbour – perfect spots to relax with a good book.

2. The view will make your jaws drop


things to do in sydney
breathtaking view of Sydney

If not because of anything,  the nighttime scene will definitely make you fall in love with this beautiful city.


3. The art scene is superb


things to do in sydney
Art scene Sydney


over here, arts & culture is thriving and diverse. The vibrant scene ranges from the performance arts, literary, musical and more. The summer brings in a lot of exhibitions & festivals to the city. The Sydney Festival is the biggest art festival in the city and happens annually every January. The event brings together local and international artists, including contemporary and classical music, visual and performance arts.


4. The gastronomical delight


From gourmet dining to boutique cafes to rooftop bars to casual pubs, the city is never short of mouthwatering food and wine. Sydney celebrates its gastronomic culture with Crave Sydney International Food Fest in October, a month-long celebration where foodies from all over the world come together for an extraordinary experience. In March, you can check out the Taste of Sydney festival where you can sample from the city’s best & diverse restaurants. The festival also features wines from Australia’s best vineyards, champagne, beer and produce.

5. The New Year is welcomed like this

things to do in sydney
New year in Sydney

Grand,  bright, lively and fun!


6. The natural wonders 

things to do in sydney
Sandstone rock

The majestic Blue Mountains, the famous sandstone rock formations and a cruise along a river cruise along Hawkesbury and nature reserve are all within an hour’s drive from the city centre.

7. The sunsets are priceless


things to do in sydney
Sunset in Sydney


Time to pack up those bags and explore the best of Sydney with HomeAway .


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