9 Kid Friendly HomeAways The Young Ones Will Love

Getting away on a vacation with kids sounds like an oxymoron to most parents. Because, as parents, there is no such thing as ‘getting away!’ But travelling with your family comes with many special memories and fun times, and forms part of the ‘remember when?’ conversations that will inevitably take place in the future. And we have a hack to make this more fun. Check out these kid friendly HomeAways that will ensure your kids don’t want to get back – which, of course, is a problem for later!

1. Tewana Home – Tree House, Phuket, Thailand

Kid Friendly HomeAway Phuket
Tree-house In Phuket

Tree houses may sound like an ideal setting for an Enid Blyton novel, but they do exist in the real world, making fiction a lot more real. They are rustic, charming, adventurous and thrilling. Book this pretty tree house in Phuket and make sure your kids have loads of amazing stories to tell when they head back home. Wondering what you will do while your kid is busy exploring this unique property? How about sunbathing or practicing yoga in the balcony? And don’t fret about the basics; this tree house has all modern amenities and is located close to many restaurants, cafes, and spas.

Sleeps: 2 people; Average price per night: PHP 1,210

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2. Meet The Great Wall Again, Beijing, China

Kid Friendly HomeAway Beijing
Great Wall Of China Themed Home Near Beijing

If you are taking a family trip to China, we bet your kids will want to see history come alive and visit The Great Wall of China. And what better way to do that than staying really close to this monument in a unique kid friendly house? This fabulous HomeAway is located at the nearest village from the Jiankou Great Wall. It comes with traditional Chinese furniture, décor, and has a very unusual vibe to it. When here, you will wake up to some breathtaking views of majestic mountains and lush green landscapes. Get your kids to read up on Chinese history and draw up their versions of the home and the monument.

Sleeps: 13 people; Average price per night: PHP 30,669

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3. Traditional 150 Year Old House Outside Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Kid Friendly HomeAway Kyoto
Traditional Japanese House In Kyoto

While looking for a property to stay in, we generally look up to see how new it is. This time, do just the opposite. Check out this kid friendly 150-year-old thatched roof house which will be your time machine to history. Located just an hour away from central Kyoto, this traditional house is decorated with traditional Japanese kites, age-old calculators and timeless art. The host boasts of this HomeAway being home to six generations of his ancestors. After the kids are done exploring this traditional wonder, they can take unique day trips like waterfall trekking, giant cedars trekking, night fireflies viewing and many others! What’s more? A BBQ set, yoga mats, piano and acoustic guitar, Japanese toys and two adorable dogs await you at this comfy house. The best part? The hosts are super friendly and jovial.

Sleeps: 8 people; Average price per night: PHP 6,099

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4. Man of Steel, New Territories, Hong Kong

Kid Friendly HomeAway In HongKong
Super Hero Themed Studio In Hong Kong

If your kid loves sci-fi and superhero movies, this is the apartment to book, for your next vacation in Hong Kong. This distinctive themed HomeAway in black and white silver tones has some cyber style furniture and electronic clocks, which gives you the impression of being in a space capsule! A fan of Iron Man? Then you are in for a treat! A classy, metallic figurine will welcome him/her there. Apart from being really cool, this apartment is expediently located. There are lots of restaurants and shops nearby.

Sleeps: 3 people; Average price per night: PHP 4,244

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5. Modern Stay With Historic Architecture, Seoul, South Korea

Kid Friendly HomeAway Seoul
Historic Home In Korea Featured In Music Video

Give your kids a peek into history by booking a stay at this kid friendly architectural masterpiece. The HomeAway has a secret basement and a mysterious staircase! Time to play Nancy Drew, Joe from Hardy Boys, or any of your favourite detective character! The gorgeous three-storey historic house is a perfect combination of old world charm and modern living. It has a 42-inch flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, cable, and a fully loaded kitchen. This well-connected house is located in the heart of Seoul.

Sleeps: 4 people; Average price per night: PHP 7,646

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6. Dream Princess, New Territories, Hong Kong

Kid Friendly HomeAway Hong Kong
Dream Princess Styled Home In Hong Kong

Every little girl dreams of living like a princess someday. If you want to make your baby girl’s dream come true, then look no further. This HomeAway in all shades pretty will make her princess fantasy come true! The room’s gorgeous white background, beautiful mirrors, pretty lights, dazzling sofa, and retro princess bed will make her never want to leave. If you are exhausted after a long day with your princess at Hong Kong Disneyland (we are sure you will be!), the jacuzzi in the bathroom will come to your rescue, so just hop in!

Sleeps: 3 people; Average price per night: PHP 4,244

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7. Kerala House Boat, Kerala, India

Kid Friendly HomeAway India
House Boat Stay In Kerala Backwaters In India

How about cruising through the beautiful backwaters of Kerala in your private houseboat on your next trip? Book this exotic but reworked and kid friendly version of kettuvallams of olden times and start an unforgettable, magical journey. On the way, your kids will see the untouched, rural side of Kerala – ancient Chinese fishing nets, lush paddy fields, water lilies, coir villages, rustic homes, and coconut groves. An extraordinary sunset is included in the package. During your stay, you can savour traditional Kerala fish curry meals or even buy fresh prawns or crab from local fishermen and ask your private chef to cook it for you! Hop on to this floating paradise and make memories you will cherish forever.

Sleeps: 5 people; Average price per night: PHP 9,367

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8. Luxury Family Villa, Bali, Indonesia

Kid Friendly HomeAway Bali
Family Friendly Villa In Bali

Let’s face it. Kids are never big fans of staying cooped up in a hotel room. Some even tend to get cranky at resorts teeming with tourists. This often means that as parents, you struggle to be by yourself and get that much needed rejuvenation from your holiday. However, if you’re staying at a family friendly villa like this one, there’s nothing you need to be worried about. The young ones will fall in love with the sprawling lawns of the garden and the shallow part of the private swimming pool. The open plan kitchen allows you to cook fuss-free meals with an eye on the kids. You can also request for a babysitter that is available on request. And while the kids are busy having their fun, you can pamper yourself in the villa’s luxury, take a stroll to the beach that is just minutes away or even request the villa staff to bring the spa to you for maximum indulgence.

Sleeps: 6 people; Average price per night: PHP 5,621

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9. Stunning Seaview, Near Sentosa, Singapore

Kid Friendly HomeAway Singapore
Kid Friendly Singapore Apartment Near Sentosa

This one is for your cartoon-loving kid. Since they are not allowed to get all creative by drawing on the walls at home, you might as well take them to this kid friendly HomeAway with cartoon painted walls! This stunning apartment is dressed in all white with colourful drawings on walls. What’s more? The luxurious apartment is located right opposite Sentosa, Singapore’s hottest tourist attraction, and is really close to an MRT, the Orchard Road and Central Singapore. Along with the lovely interiors and convenient location, you and your family will have access to swimming pools and gym with sea-views. Nobody is getting bored on this vacation!

Sleeps: 8 people; Average price per night: PHP 14,678

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We recommend you select the ‘Family / Kids friendly’ checkbox in the amenities section when selecting your HomeAway for your family vacation.

*The actual prices may vary for your actual dates of stay. Average prices per night are accurate at the time of publishing this post.


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