Best Antipolo Tourist Spots

Antipolo Tourist Spots

The city of Antipolo is approximately 16 miles east of Manila. Most of the city sits on a plateau so you will have a beautiful picturesque background in any of the pictures that you take while you are visiting Antipolo.

Whether you want to find out more about the history of the city, relax in a park and take in the view, or do something with a little more adventure, there are plenty of Antipolo tourist spots that you should explore during your visit. Let’s take a look at a few.

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Top Things To Do In Antipolo

Antipolo Tourist Spots - Top Things To Do

While you are visiting Antipolo, you will want to find ways to explore the city. This could be shopping, experiencing some Filipino culture in a museum, or visiting one of the many churches in the city. Let’s take a look at a few of the best things to do in Antipolo.d

Feed Your Artistic Side at the Pinto Art Museum

This museum is filled with sculptures and paintings from local artists from this area. The art ranges in style from traditional paintings to more intricate sculptures that some may even consider a little odd. One exhibit that you must check out is “The Hollow Man,” which is a man that is framed with wire sitting on a swing.

Check Out This Guide to the Art Sanctuary in Antipolo by Sassy Manila.

Visit Antipolo Cathedral

This is a location where many locals and visitors alike come for pilgrimage. The “Virgin of Antipolo” is the main reason that the devout travel to this cathedral, but if you are a visitor, the architecture of the building and the large dome adds another very picturesque reason to visit.

Admire the Architecture at Boso-Boso Church

Another one of the religious places to visit in Antipolo is the Boso-Boso Church. Only the small chapel is used today for worship, but the church was built back in 1578, which makes it the oldest church in this area of the country. In fact, the original stonework on the structure remains part of the building today.

Check Out This Guide to the Boso Boso by Lakwatsero.

Pray at Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain

Sometimes you only need time to yourself to reconnect your mind and spirit. If you want some time to communicate with God, then you may truly appreciate a visit to Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain. The resort is located in the midst of the jungle so you can use it as a sanctuary to pray in the prayer cells or in the prayer hut. You can even stay here overnight to revitalize your soul if you wish.

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Top Things to See in Antipolo

Antipolo Tourist Spots

Since the city is located mainly on a plateau, there are a lot of places to visit in Antipolo that have fantastic views of the surrounding town. There are also other things to see in the area including beautiful waterfalls and intricate caves. Let’s take a look.

Check Out Hinulugang Taktak

This is a 12-meter waterfall that has had national park status since 1952. Visitors used to be able to swim in the falls, but because of the amount of pollution that began collecting there, the falls were barricaded off to help preserve their beauty. Even after the renovation project completed, there is still no admission fee charged to get into the park.

Check Out This Guide to Taktak Falls by Blue Dreamer.

Visit PACEM Eco-Park

Another place in Antipolo that is perfect for connecting with nature is the PACEM Eco-Park. PACEM means peace and care for earth ministry, so as you can imagine, this place serves as a sanctuary for local birds and other wildlife. It is a forest-like atmosphere with ponds, butterflies, and there is even an eco-center where you can learn about the animals that live there.

Check Out This Guide to PACEM Eco Park by Intransit PH.

Explore Inday Nelly’s Mystical Cave

If you enjoy spelunking in caves, then this is a great cave to explore. It is a seven story cave so you will have plenty of opportunities to see stalactites, stalagmites, and columns as you trek through the cave. In fact, some of the unique structures have a gold color to them that makes it sparkle. If you want to access the first level of the cave, you will need to hire a guide to accompany you.

Check Out This Guide to Nelly’s Mystical Cave by The Wandering Roomies 

See the View from Eagle’s Nest

If you are looking for a fantastic view of Metro Manila, then Eagle’s Nest is a location that you may wish to check out. There are also several restaurants up here, so you can make a night out of it and get some amazing pictures with your family.

Check Out This Guide to the Eagles’ Nest by The Pinoy Explorer

Restaurants to Try in Antipolo

Food to try in the Philippines

As with any vacation that you take, food is a major part of the experience. Some locations have specific dishes that are unique to the area, while others have many restaurants that highlight the food.

Some of the popular foods found in Antipolo are cashew nuts, mangoes, and Suman (sticky rice cakes wrapped in coconut leaves).

In Antipolo, there are quite a few places to eat that showcase great Filipino food; let’s take a look at a few of them.

Check Out This Guide to Food in Antipolo

Eat at My Pot Restaurant

This is a restaurant that offers a large variety of different foods from the area, but it served in a buffet style that provides an all-you–can–eat experience at a reasonable price of P100, which is only a little over $5 to fill your belly.

Chives Bistro & Market

Many Filipino dishes do not incorporate chives, but this restaurant adds them to traditional Filipino dishes from the area. One dish that mixes the flavors well is the signature burger that includes chives into the burger and furikake, which is a combination of spices that is often added to the rice. Wasabi coleslaw is added to the top of the burger to give it a unique crunch and a little spice.


The chefs at Marison’s serve traditional Filipino dishes with a twist. One of the favorites for locals and visitors alike is the kare-kare, which is a Filipino stew with thick peanut broth. The reason that this variation is so tasty is that they add cashews to the broth as well as peanuts.

The Crescent Moon Café

This is a small café that is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While you are here, you can also take a pottery workshop or try your hand at other forms of art. All of the food here is fresh, which makes it taste even better. One dish that you must try while you are here is the alagao rolls, which is essentially a plate of alagao leaves and a number of filling options that you can combine to create your own unique flavor.

Minced Manila

This is another restaurant that adds a modern twist to traditional Filipino food. If you are in the mood for seafood, the octopus sisig is a great option; it is cooked in chili flavored coconut milk and topped with a quail egg.

Cloud 9 Restaurant

This restaurant is located at the highest point in Antipolo. They serve traditional Filipino dishes like kare-kare, pinakbet, and lumpiang isda, but one of the draws of this eatery is the view from the famous sky bridge, which gives you a 360-degree view of the entire city below.

Facts and Statistics of Antipolo

Antipolo is the seventh most populous city in the Philippines. Mangoes and cashews are grown locally in Antipolo.

The city was named after the tipolo, which is a tree that can be found in abundance in the area.Most of the city is located on top of a plateau, which makes the inland area have some amazing scenery. The city is a very popular pilgrimage site due to all of the churches.

Final Thoughts

As you explore this beautiful city, you will come across quite a few Antipolo tourist spots that you will enjoy. Since the city is elevated, there is an incredible view, no matter where you are. The northern and southern sections of the city are mainly forest, but in the city center, you will find plenty of history, unique churches, and other exciting places to explore. Antipolo is an amazing place to visit, so why not make it your next vacation destination?

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