Best Bataan Tourist Spots

Bataan Tourist Spots

Bataan is a providence in the Philippines that is rich in history. Whether you are looking for something related to WWII, a religious landmark, or a more natural Bataan tourist destination, you will be able to find some amazing places to see during your trip to Bataan.

Top Things to Do in Bataan For Tourists

Many of the most popular tourist spots in Bataan have to do with their history and their crucial role in World War II, but even though there is a rich history in this location, there are also plenty of other activities to do in the area.

Bataan Tourist Spots - Churches

Visiting Bataan Churches

If you want a little more of a spiritual journey while you are visiting Bataan tourist spots, then there are several inspirational locations that you can explore. Here are a few of the most popular places of worship:

  • Balanga Catholic Church Belfry – This is the site where the Japanese military bombardment occurred
  • Church of Orion – This is a church that became an independent missionary center during the mid 1600s.
  • Church of Samal – This church was badly damaged several times during its history, but it has been rebuilt.
  • Church of Sta Monica – This church is on of the oldest in the Philippines; in fact, it is approximately 400 years old.

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Experience Local Festivals in Bataan

If you are looking for tourist spots in Bataan that are more of a form of entertainment than a historical destination, then festivals in Bataan may be a great experience for you. There are a number of festivals throughout the year, but some of the most popular include:

One of the biggest festivals that you can attend is the Bataan Day Celebration. It is a celebration that honors the heroes of WWII who made a stand in this town against the Japanese. This celebration typically includes a parade, a bike race, a tribute, and a province-wide quiz for high school students.

Another popular festival is the Pawikan Festival which raises awareness and educate people on the importance of endangered marine turtles.

There are also a number of other festivals to explore. Here are some of the more popular options:

  • Senakulo
  • Banga Festival
  • Santacruzan de Mayo
  • Kuraldal Festival
  • Kuraldal Festival
  • Palis Lasa Festival

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Vacation Houses In Bataan

Top Things to See In Bataan

If you are looking for more photo opportunities during your trip, you should find a Bataan tourist destination that highlights the beauty of the province.

Bataan Tourist Spot - Dambana ng Kagitingan

The Dambana ng Kagitingan

Also known as the Shrine of Valor, this is a landmark that is located at Mount Samat. It is a large cross that is about 92 meters high that you can climb to get a beautiful view of both Bataan and Corregidor. It was built in 1966 as a landmark that was designed as a tribute to the Filipinos and the Americans who fell during WWII.

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Bataan Tourist Spot - SISIMAN BAY

Catch a Sunset at Sisiman Bay

This is one of the lesser known Bataan tourist spots, but it is well worth the trek to see the sunset off of the coast. The beaches on the peninsula are pebbled, there are large rock formations that look amazing, and a lighthouse that offers an amazing picture opportunity.

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Visit the Sea Turtle Nesting Grounds

Bataan Tourist Spot - Turtles

The Pawikan Conservation Center is a place that is dedicated to raising and protecting sea turtles. The center is home to three different variations of sea turtles, and they raise them until they are mature enough to be released into the ocean. If you are visiting Bataan during the right time, you may even be able to see the little turtles race towards the waves.

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Visit Tortugas Bay Park

If you enjoy bird watching, then this Bataan tourist destination gives you the opportunity to spot and take pictures of some of the most picturesque birds of the Philippines. If you are able to visit the park during the wee hours of the morning, then you will have the best chance to see more species of birds.

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Where to eat in Bataan Philippines

Where To Eat In Bataan

Bataan is located on a peninsula, which means that it is a great location for finding seafood as well as food that you would find in a more inland area. If you are looking for a true taste of Bataan, then check out some of these great options.

Café Kyoto

This is a great Japanese Inspired restraint in Bataan. It has not been around for a long time, but it serves local favorites like a Kani and Tobiko Salad that is created from crab meat and fish roe. They also serve Spicy Tuna Maki, which is a classic take on sushi that is created from local fish.

Stregato Gelateria

This is a restaurant that serves gourmet dishes as well as gelato. If you happen to stop in for dinner, then the eight-hour roast beef dish is a must-try that simply melts in your mouth. Don’t forget that this is a gelato place, so they have plenty of interesting and unique flavors for you to sample.

Ima’s Pamangan

This is more of an authentic Bataan restaurant. Bulalo is a local favorite that you must try here as well as Bangus with salted egg. It is a place that offers a lot of down home cooking in a friendly environment. If you are really in the mood for some good Filipino food, then these two dishes go perfectly together.

Loleng’s Hu Tieu-an

This is a roadside food option that serves some great Vietnamese options that the locals love. If you stop by this eatery, try out the Hu Tieu Special, which is a sweet, spicy, and sweet pho-like soup. Banh Mi is also a must when you hit up this little eatery during your travels.

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Facts & Statistics of Bataan

  • Roman Catholicism is the religion of 85 percent of the population of Bataan.
  • In Bataan, locals speak four main languages, which include Tagalong, Pampango, Ilocano, and English.
  • The Bataan Day Celebration honors the WWII Filipino and American soldiers who fought in the war.
  • The Bataan Death March that took place here forced over 70,000 prisoners of war to march, many of these individuals marched to their deaths.
  • The third oldest church in the Philippines can be found here. In fact, the First Abucay Catholic Church is over 400 years old.

Final Thoughts

Bataan is a very gorgeous location to visit. This is a destination that is rich in history, so if you are curious about the events of the Second World War, then this is a great destination to experience. You can check out the first line of defense as well as the first kilometer death march marker as you walk a reenactment of the Bataan Death March. Bataan also has a lot of other things to see like churches, beaches, and waterfalls, so regardless of your vacation desires, you can book a trip to Bataan.

Other Popular Philippine Tourist Spots

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