Best Batangas Tourist Spots 2017

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Batangas is a beautiful province in the Philippines that is full of things to see and do. Whether you are looking for a mountain, a city, a beach, or something more exotic, you will be able to find it here.

Batangas offers many unforgettable experiences that truly has something for everyone.

Top Things to Do In Batangas


While you are staying at your vacation resort in Batangas the local vacation spots often include going to the beach. There is so much water that it is almost sinful not to experience it during your visit, but that is not the only adventure that you can experience.

Beaches & Diving In Batangas

One of the best diving and beach locations is located at Anilao Diving and Beach Resort. The pristine waters allow you to see 250 species of coral as well as the colorful sea creatures that have made this area their home.

If you are looking to relax, then check out these beaches:

  • Masasa Beach- A beach that shines with natural beauty.
  • Layag Layag Beach Cove – Pristine waters, white sandy beaches, and beautiful mountain views.
  • Isla Verde – Full of underwater treasures to explore.

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Visit Taal Heritage Village

The town of Taal is a place that tries to preserve the Spanish colonial era of the past. The homes feature the same architecture, but some of them have been turned into museums and hotels that you can visit. There are also plenty of opportunities for you to shop in the village if you desire.

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Hiking In Batangas

Since the area is very mountainous, there are plenty of hiking opportunities that you can take advantage of. One of the most unique treks that you can make is the crater of the Taal Volcano. If hiking up a volcano is not your cup of tea, then try out Mount Batulao or Mount Daguldol. For a more intense hike, you can try Mount Naguiling or Mount Makiling.

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Tour Milea Orchard and Bee Farm

If you are visiting during the last Saturday of the month, then you can visit the farm to get a lesson in beekeeping and a taste of the sweet honey they create. If you are looking for Batangas tourist spots for your family to enjoy, then this is a great option.

Top Things to See In Batangas

Ocean Beach Pool Batangas Vacation Water Sea

If you are looking for more of a picturesque vacation close to your transient , there are plenty of options with breathtaking views for you to explore.

Vulcan Point Island

Getting to this small island is a trek, but if you can get a vantage point from above you will have an amazing view. The island is located inside of Lake Taal. When you look in the middle of the lake, you will find Taal Volcano, which is one of the most active volcanos in the world. Inside that volcano, there is a small body of water called Crater Lake, and in the middle of that lake is Vulcan Point Island.

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Calatagan Mangrove Forest Conservation Park

This park is a nature lover’s destination. Here you can see mangrove trees, marine life, and several bird species. Getting close to nature can happen anywhere, but seeing mangrove trees is a rare opportunity.

Basilica of St. Martin de Tours

Vacation spots Batangas offers include a number of churches that are designed with beautiful, architecture that is simply stunning. Some of these churches also have historical importance. Basilica of St. Martin de Tours is the largest Catholic church in not only the country but all of Asia; making it a must-see destination for many.

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Food to Try in Batangas

Food to eat in Batangas Philippines


When you travel to different areas of the world, one of the most important things to do is try their food. Batangas is a location that has a lot of coastal delights, but some of the must-try meals also feature buffalo and goat as well. Let’s take a look at a few dishes that the locals love.

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This signature dish from Batangas is basically a type of marrow soup. It is made with beef, onions, garlic, cabbage, and potatoes and is cooked low and slow for a really long time. Depending on where you get the dish, the vegetables within the soup may vary; in fact, some chefs like to put corn in their bulalo. The dish is served at nearly every restaurant, but if you have the chance to try Rose and Grace Bulalo, you won’t regret it.

Batangas Lomi

Batangas Lomi is a thick noodle soup that is filled with different vegetables and pork or chicken. The thick broth is what makes this soup so unique, though some people may be turned off by the texture of the dish. If you are open to new foods, you will want to taste this dish, especially if you can get it at Lomi King in Lipa city. If you don’t want to try their Batangas Lomi, there are plenty of other delicious options on the menu.

Deep Fried Tawilis

This is a freshwater fish that can only be found in Taal Lake, which means that this dish is unique to this part of the world. They are traditionally deep fried because of their size. This method of cooking makes the outside crispy, the inside tender, and the bones soft and edible. If you are looking to try this delicacy, then the Taal Bistro Restaurant is a great place to sit down for a meal.

Facts & Statistics of Batangas

  • Batangas is the second largest international seaport in the Philippians.
  • Lipa City is called the “Rome of the Philippines” because of the big influence that Roman Catholicism has on the location. If you are on a religious retreat, there are plenty of convents, monasteries, and cathedrals that you can visit.
  • Butterfly knives are manufactured here.
  • Taal Volcano is known as one of the smallest active volcanoes in the world. It is beautiful, but it may still be a threat to those living nearby.
  • Basilica of St. Martin de Tours was built by Augustinian missionaries in 1572.
  • Verde Island Passage is considered to be the largest concentration of coral in the world, with over 300 species.


Batangas is an amazing place to visit. There are beaches, waterfalls, mountains, churches, museums, a volcano, and a lot of delicious food to try. If you are planning to see the top tourist spots in the Philippines, but you are unsure of your destination, Batangas is a place that you will love. The views are spectacular, and if you like to dive, there is even an underwater garden that is delightful. Batangas is filled with adventure, sightseeing opportunities, and beaches to simply relax on, so why not make it your next vacation destination?


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