Top Things To Do in Bohol Philippines

Bohol Tourist Spots

Many people see the island of Bohol as a showcase of what you can find in the entire country of the Philippines. Beautiful beaches, river excursions, jungle adventures and amazing diving spots all in one place.

Whether you want to find out more about the history of the city, relax at a beach, or take in the view at Chocolate Hills there are plenty of Bohol tourist spots that you should explore during your visit. Let’s take a look at a few.

Best Bohol Tourist Spots

bohol tourist spots - boat tour

If you enjoy rolling hills that are unique and inviting, then Bohol, Philippines may just be a great place for you to take your next vacation. When it comes to geography, Bohol has some of the most unique formations in the country and its coastline is serene and inviting for those that want to get away from it all.

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Top Things to Do in Bohol

Due to its rich history, there’s a lot to do in Bohol, which is why it’s a good idea to have a good amount of time to really get to know some of the island’s activities. There are theme parks, animal sanctuaries, and more than a few geological locations to explore, so let’s take a look at some of your options.

Seek Some Thrills at Danao Adventure Park

If you’re into ecotourism, then Danao Adventure Park has a lot to offer. This park was actually the base camp of local Boholano legend, Francisco Dagohoy, who was the leader of a major Filipino revolutionary movement. Thrill seekers will also love this heavily wooded place because it’s home to “The Plunge,” which is a bungee style thrill event that first drops you and then swings you over the forest canopy. Additionally, Danao Adventure Park also has tours and actually has rooms for those looking for accommodations.

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Get Back to Nature at the Tarsier Sanctuary

Tarsier_Sanctuary,_bohol tourist spot

Tarsiers are Philippine-native primates that are one of the smallest primates on the planet. Unfortunately, this primate species, which is thought to be over 45 million years old, is under threat, which is why the Tarsier Conservation Program created this sanctuary in Bohol. Visiting this sanctuary is a great way to become more environmentally aware and help contribute to the survival of this incredibly cute animal.

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Seek Out the Deep Earth Beauty of Hinagdanan Cave

This beautiful subterranean cave was actually discovered by accident. In fact, its name means “laddered” in Cebuano, which refers to the fact that a local farmer discovered the cave system by building a ladder, called “hagdan” in his language into the water below. This cave is truly spectacular – at the top, you’ll find fascinating and majestic stalactites, and below, you’ll find beautiful blue waters that are mineral-rich. When you’re done exploring the cave, there are also restaurants and souvenir shops all around the area.

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Visit Churches and Shrines

This area of Bohol has a lot of churches and shrines that represent some of the rich spiritual histories of the island. Here are just a few:

  • Loboc Church – This is the second oldest church in the Philippines; having been first built in 1602.
  • Baclayon Church – The church is the oldest in the country. Originally built in 1595, this church is also known as “The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.”
  • Blood Compact Shrine – This is the original site of the initial treaty between the Filipino native Sikatuna and European explorer Miguel Lopez de Legaspi in March 16, 1565.

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Top Things to See in Bohol

Sunset Scenery Island Boat Bohol Philippines Sea

One of the best features of Bohol is its picturesque natural formations. The rolling hills in the area are mostly made of limestone and are truly unique. One thing’s for certain: it’s easy to have some great pictures when you visit Bohol.

Enjoy a Filipino Sunset at Alona Beach

If you’re looking for a tourist-friendly beach resort experience, Alona is one of the better beaches in Bohol. There’s a ton of activities to do on the beach and in the surrounding ocean such as scuba diving and tours, but one of the best things to do on this beach is to simply relax on the sand. You can even watch frolicking dolphins from your resting place on the sand.

Witness Nature’s Splendor at the Carmen Chocolate Hills

Bohol_Chocolate_Hills tourist spot

As mentioned, limestone hills and mountains are common in Bohol, which is part of the aesthetic appeal of the island, and the Carmen Chocolate Hills are a real representation of the grandiose beauty of the area. In fact, these hills are often considered a natural wonder of the world.

They’re also hard to miss; there are actually over 1200 of them, which spread across the horizon on the island. Most of these hills are dome-shaped and are often coated with a thick layer of grass, but when the dry season ends, each hill becomes chocolate-colored, which is how they got their name.

Relax and Take in the Quiet of Dumaluan Beach

If you’d like to avoid the touristy environment of places like Alona Beach, then a quiet and almost meditative beach like Dumaluan is a great option. While this beach does have its resort areas and activities, it’s not really hard to find a nice stretch to sit, relax, and listen to the waves.

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Climb to the Heights of Bohol at Sagbayan Peak

If you love to explore footpaths and experience a mountain resort setting, Sagbayan may just be perfect for your sightseeing needs. There are an amazing amount of winding paths at this Bohol resort, and the location really provides an excellent vantage point so that you can see the beautiful hills of the island.

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Food to Try in Bohol

Food to try in the Philippines

When you go to a place like Bohol, it’s a great idea to try some of the local cuisines since it’s part of the package that makes the area unique. There’s a lot of excellent food to try out in Bohol, so let’s take a look at some must-try restaurants. If you are looking for food bloggers check out our top Philippine food bloggers.

Dong Juan

One of the most impressive features of Dong Juan is the fact that it actually has been converted from a home from the 1920s. When you eat here, you can expect a variety of delicious dishes and a homey atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable. If you’re looking for a nice regional dish, try out the sisig; it’s a dish of sizzling pork that’s a specialty of the restaurant. Additionally, it’s impossible not to love the quality service at his restaurant.

Loboc River Floating Restaurant

While the food on this floating restaurant is amazing, the best part is clearly floating along on the Loboc River and getting to know Bohol. Your cruise starts at the Loay Bridge, and you’ll sail for an hour back and forth. During your trip, you’ll be served either lunch or dinner. Foods like chicken adobo and lechon are featured in a buffet-style manner, which is a perfect styling for a river cruise. The top of the boat features a carved turtle, which makes this one entertaining restaurant to cruise along on.

Tarsier Paprika

If you’re looking to dine well with a sea view, then it’s worth trying out Tarsier Paprika. This is a beautiful restaurant that has local foods like roasted lapu-lapu, which is a fish dish that is very well regarded in Bohol. Additionally, this eatery also has western cuisine as well and even has a dessert that’s designed to remind you of Bohol – the chocolate hills that are drizzled with chocolate sauce.

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Final Thoughts

Bohol is a spectacular place to visit in the Philippines. It has some of the best ecotourism in this part of the country, has some truly unique dining experiences, and features a truly picturesque topography due to the chocolate hills. No matter where you go on this hilly island, the locals will try their best to make you feel at home. If you’ve never been to the Philippines, then give Bohol a try – you’ll be richer for the experience.


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