Bringing Your Favorite Movie Weddings To Life

Themed weddings provide a way for the happy couple to have a fun, unique and personalized ceremony on their special day. This week, we handpicked a couple of options for you to recreate that favorite wedding scene from popular Hollywood films and a local drama series.

Inspiration: Edward and Bella’s Forest Ceremony



Twilight’s Breaking Dawn was one of the most hotly anticipated movies of 2011. Nature lovers would swoon at Edward and Bella’s wedding ceremony, set beautifully in a forest with wisteria cascading from the trees.

Re-create a similar dreamy wedding setting à la Twilight but amid tropical foliage in Bali’s Ubud. Known for it’s breathtaking rice terraces, the spectacular Mt Agung and the dramatic mountains provide the perfect backdrop to the luscious scenery.

Inspiration: Traditional Peranakan Wedding “Little-Nonya” style



The 2008 Singapore drama series The Little Nyonya centres around the biographical story of a Peranakan family set from the 1930s. Adopting selected ways of the local Malays and their British colonizers, the Peranakans developed a unique lifestyle and customs which left behind rich cultural influences like cuisine and language that are still evident in Penang today.

The drama became so popular as it beautifully recalls the elegance of the Peranakan culture and costumes. Because of this, many Peranakan brides and grooms draw inspiration from this drama series for their traditional Peranakan wedding ceremony.

George Town in Penang is the perfect Peranakan throwback wedding location. As a World Heritage Site, the city is brimming with rich historical architecture.  A perfect fusion of old meets new.


Inspiration:Beach wedding from “27 Dresses”




Who doesn’t want a wedding by the sea?! This 2008 Katherine Heigl romantic comedy culminated with a romantic beachfront wedding of Jane (Heigl) and Kevin (James Marsden).

Perched on a lush green headland surrounded by the crystal blue Andaman Sea and white sand beaches fringed with palm trees, Phuket is the perfect wedding and honeymoon destination.

Inspiration: Mamma Mia Cliff-top wedding



Set in the picturesque Greek island of Skopelos. The tiny chapel where Sophie and Sky were wedded  is delicately perched atop a 100m rock formation, giving them the breathtaking view of the azure waters of the Aegean. Good news! There’s no need to fly all the way to Greece to capture the drama of this panoramic view. Head to the south of Bali for the perfect cliff-top villa overlooking a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.


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