Top Filipino Travel Bloggers 2017

Top Filipino Travel Bloggers


There are lots of incredible bloggers who share their stories, photos, and videos from their life traveling around the Philippines. HomeAway has searched across the Internet to put together a list of some of the best Filipino travel bloggers of 2017.

Let us know in the comments who your favorite Filipino travel bloggers are!

Bloggers featured can display the top Filipino travel blog badge on their website. We tried to email each of the bloggers, but if we missed you just let us know in the comments.

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Filipino Travel Blogger

Two Monkeys Travel Group

Talk about relationship goals at its finest! Two Monkeys Travel Group features the journey around the world of Kach Medina and Jonathan Howe (now known as Mr. and Mrs. Howe).

Whether the next destination is on foot, up the mountains, or inside famous museums, they demonstrate how easy it is to live life as travelers and redefine success in their own special ways. Moreover, they seek to inspire others to get out, explore the world, and realize their dreams.

Filipino Travel Blogger (5)

The Wander Lass

Follow Wanderlass in her quest to live an extraordinary life through travel. As a child, she grew up believing that the only path to a happy life is to get excellent grades, secure a high-paying job, find a nice boy, have kids, and live happily ever after.

Fortunately, she woke up and realized that stereotypical way of life is just one of the many paths towards a meaningful life.

Filipino Blogger - Ivan About Town

Ivan About Town

Ivan Henares is one of the pioneers of Philippine travel blogging. His great passion for travel allowed him to visit all 81 provinces in the Philippines. Now, he is set to take his adventure beyond the country and into the rest of the world.

He looks forward to joining the Travelers’ Century Club by visiting at least 100 of their 324 listed countries and territories. As of June 2016, Ivan has set foot in 76 of them.

Filipino Travel Blogger (13)

Pinay Travel Junkie

Pinay Travel Junkie serves as a lifesaver to different types of nomads who are looking for ways to affordably pursue their passion for travel.

Gay Mitra-Emami, Pinay Travel Junkie’s owner, fully embraces her nomadic lifestyle even after she got married and gave birth to her first child. She’s been to several countries around the world, traveling with her husband and their 4-year- old daughter.

Filipino Travel Blogger (39)

Pinoy Adventurista

If you’re an adventure junkie constantly looking for a fix of life, Pinoy Adventurista is your go-to blog. It provides backpacking and mountaineering guides and tips, as well as foodie exploits.

Basically, Pinoy Adventurista is your online source of daily adventure. Pinoy Adventurista’s owner, Mervz, is a loyal advocate of local tourism.

As a fellow traveler and adventure junkie, his goal is to visit all 81 provinces in the Philippines and share his experiences to the public.


Filipino Travel Blogger (31)

The Poor Traveler

The Poor Traveler follows the traveling misadventures of Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos. It features the struggles of the two as they go out and indulge their wanderlust. Plans may not always seem to roll out as expected due to a series of misfortunes, including going way off budget, getting lost, and getting ripped off. But at the end of the day, they make out the most of it and learn valuable life lessons.

In a nutshell, this travel blog is where you can learn from the mistakes they encounter along the road. Kudos to The Poor Traveler for taking one for the team!

Filipino Travel Blogger (40)


When you want to embark on the road less travelled, Detourista is worth looking up to. Coming from the two connotations “detour” and “tourista”, this travel discovery blog is for those who would like to plunge into an adventure in an unconventional way. This makes one’s heart leap out of excitement and pump veins full of adrenaline as they journey into something different.

Detourista founder and resident blogger Marcos Detourist will serve as your inspiration in choosing your next destination. He is always glad to guide you for a memorable travel experience through his awesome photo collection and expert advice.

Filipino Travel Blogger (14)

Out of Town Blog

For reliable travel tips and breathtaking photographs, check out Out of Town Blog. This travel, food, and lifestyle blog shares the personal experiences of Melo Villareal in his quest to fulfill his passion for photography. Along with his love for travel, he has already set foot in more than 500 islands in the Philippines.

His goal is to immortalize the slowly deteriorating Filipino culture and tradition, and astonishing sceneries that are often taken for granted. With this, he hopes to promote local tourism and inspire young people through his is art.

Filipino Travel Blogger (16)

Our Awesome Planet

As one of the most influential food and travel blogs in the country, Our Awesome Planet is a major force for destination and restaurant recommendations. Having 11 years of solid blogging reputation and a great number of followers, Our Awesome Planet can definitely help you make life more awesome.

Anton Diaz, OAP’s founder, started this blog with a goal to promote Philippine tourism and encourage Filipinos to appreciate the beauty of the country.

Filipino Travel Blogger (3)

Travel Up

Level up and gain experience points in the real world through a journey inspired by Travel Up. This travel blog is highly influenced by the video game concept of taking on quests and challenges, getting stronger and achieving life lessons along the way.

Travel Up’s owner, Kara Santos, is a self-confessed video game fanatic especially with RPGs and puzzle platforms. This motivated her to make a truly unique blog which features her adventure in the real and virtual worlds.

Filipino Travel Blogger (41)


Be captivated with breathtaking destinations in the Philippines through wonderful stills and informative narratives at Lakwatsero. This travel blog showcases the journey of Angel Juarez through sunsets, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, and other scenic spots throughout the country.

It also provides tourists and fellow travelers newbie-friendly information, as well as comprehensive itineraries and cost-effective travel advice. All in all, this travelogue can serve as a great guide that even rookies can easily follow.

Filipino Travel Blogger (8)


Revel in the sights, sounds, and culinary delicacies of the Philippines with Langyaw. “Langyaw” is a Cebuano word which means an outsider or a traveler. This travel blog unravels the wonderful experiences and delectable cuisine from different places in the country.

Estan Cabigas, Langyaw’s owner and an established traveler, gave up his corporate life to pursue his passion in photography and blogging, and to enjoy the freedom of visiting places that life has to offer.

Filipino Travel Blogger (12)

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

When you need useful do-it-yourself travel tips and guides for solo travelers, The Pinay Solo Backpacker is worth checking out. As the name suggests, this blog aims to inspire Filipinas to come out, explore the world and try backpacking independently.

While it may seem scary and dangerous, traveling alone is a liberating and satisfying experience. Just always keep in mind to be wary of your surroundings and always be alert to ensure a safe and memorable trip. For a complete guide of the do’s, don’ts and everything you might need to know, visit The Pinay Solo Backpacker.

Filipino Travel Blogger (18)

Lakas ng Trip

Lakas ng Trip was designed to help Filipinos plan their travels ahead. It encourages people to personally go out and take pride in the wonders of the Philippines. Additionally, it hopes to make a sustainable livelihood to fellow travelers.

Josiah, Lakas ng Trip’s owner, was greatly influenced by his parents through their work travels when he was young. Thus, this travel blog was born to help others minimize or avoid previous complications.

Filipino Travel Blogger (7)

We Are Sole Sisters

We Are Sole Sisters is about a journey to woman empowerment, as well as falling in love with the life of travel. It features personal experiences of female travelers where discoveries and explorations need no gender barrier.

The ultimate goal of We Are Sole Sisters is to help women pursue their passion for travel and adventure without worrying about the social construction of gender. Check out their website to learn more about the adventures of Emma, Sarah, Julienne, Adi, and Lois.

Filipino Travel Blogger (6)

Solitary Wanderer

Solitary Wanderer follows the travel chronicles of Aleah Taboclaon. Being described as adventurous, Aleah is not a stranger to traveling solo. Others might see this as risky and scary, but for her, it is exciting and a new opportunity to challenge herself in being independent.

Aside from solo adventures, Solitary Wanderer is quite known for some of its viral posts, especially “Date a Girl Who Travels.” This post was such a hit that it has been translated to different languages and out came many variations.

Filipino Travel Blogger (24)

Ironwulf En Route

Ironwulf En Route chronicles the travels of award-winning photographer and blogger Ferdinand Decena across the globe. Its stories and images aim to inspire people to start their own journey to discover the beauty and elegance of our own planet. With numerous awards and achievements from various web communities and publications over the years, this blog has been an excellent resource for would-be travelers.

Aside from Ironwulf En Route, Ferdinand Decena is also one of the co-founders of Backpack Photography. This website focuses on photography and offers tours and workshops around the country.

Filipino Travel Blogger (10)

Pinoy Travel Freak

Step out of the concrete jungles of the city and discover the hidden gems in different locations in the Philippines. As you walk along the road, let Pinoy Travel Freak guide you on your journey to new discoveries.

This blog aims to help people realize the beauty and splendor of traveling in our own country. It also contributes in promoting Philippine Tourism.

Filipino Travel Blogger (20)

Just Wandering

Just Wandering features the travels of Nina Fuentes as she wanders here and there. This blog offers helpful tips and resources, as well as exciting stories. From Japan travel expenses to Makati food tour and where you can get a Chickenjoy fix in Manila airport terminals, it is definitely worth putting into reference. With various articles waiting to be read, your passion for adventure is a click away from getting jump started.

From 2010 to 2012, Just Wandering became Lonely Planet’s featured blogger. Moreover, it won Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards’ Best Travel Blog in 2011, and Philippine Blog Awards’ Best Travel Blog in 2010.

Filipino Travel Blogger (22)

Journeying James

Journeying James trails the odyssey of James Betia in his search to explore the wonders of the Philippines while keeping everything in budget. From travel discoveries and cultural experiences to food trips and strange encounters, this blog is undeniably worth sharing.

So if you’re still not convinced that you can start your own adventure while on a tight budget, wait until you come across his crazy escapades, including swimming with sharks in Coron, jumping in a 40-foot waterfall, and hitchhiking from Boracay to Batangas. Rest assured that keeping Journeying James as one of your resources will definitely rev up your pulse for fun and adventure.

Filipino Travel Blogger (19)

Lakad Pilipinas

Lakad Pilipinas treads along the long and short journeys of Christian Lucas Sangoyo. After spending 27 years in the concrete jungles of the metro, he mustered up the courage to step out of his comfort zone and explore what is beyond.

Armed with his trusted camera, he ventured outside city limits to discover the beauty of the Philippines. He marched along familiar and unfamiliar places and enjoyed the sights, sounds and delicacies along the way. Spark your passion for travel as you read his travel experiences along with his stunning photos. With this blog, maybe you could be just a walk away from an adventure of a lifetime.

Filipino Travel Blogger (9)

PS I’m on my Way

P.S. I’m on My Way is not your typical travel blog. As the blog’s owner Trisha Velarmino describes, she volunteers to different places and blends in with the locals. She just chose to be somewhere else – all the time.

Embark on a journey to different countries and culture as P.S. I’m on My Way takes on a mission of finding one’s place in the world. Whether it’s a discovery of love, solidarity, and new friends, you’ll definitely be touched as every story shared is from real-life experiences. So leave your worries and other thoughts behind and follow P.S. I’m on my way to explore new heights.

Filipino Travel Blogger (27)

Flip Travels

Inhale a fresh take to blogging alongside a quirky bunch of flashpackers from Flip Travels. As the name suggests, this blog take traveling to a different direction as it shifts the center of attention from places to the people and it’s connection with it. It breaks free from the traditional travel and leisure blogging as it provides essential yet odd and hilarious content. Moreover, it provides unrestricted storytelling as it tackles its own adventures and misadventures.

Flip Travels brings out the fun, liveliness and wildness in its journey and maintains the attitude of thinking (and sometimes going) outside the box. To inspire your passion for travel and inner weirdness, this blog is truly worth reading.

Filipino Travel Blogger (38)

Flip Nomad

Flip Nomad is a journal of travel stories and experiences from the Philippines and beyond. This blog is a living proof that the idea of traveling to far-flung places is not far-fetched. All we need to do is to believe in ourselves and stay positive at all times.

This travel blog also looks to inspire people to not give up their dreams of traveling. It provides the opportunity to change our lives, blend in different cultures and meet new faces. By going out of your comfort zone, life is certainly worth living and taking risks as long as you take the necessary precautions.

Filipino Travel Blogger (15)

Nomadic Experiences

Experience sheer wanderlust complemented by a country with rich destinations at Nomadic Experiences. This blog shares the journey of Marky Ramone Go, an enthusiastic traveler, writer and photographer, to beautiful places here in the Philippines, as well as other countries. Learn new things as you go through short yet insightful narratives and images.

Established in 2007, Nomadic Experiences started as a tool to reignite Marky Ramone Go’s passion for travel. Fortunately, it succeeded, and it now sets out to inspire fellow travelers to engage in their desire to travel and cross out their bucket list one destination at a time.

Filipino Travel Blogger (2)

Travels with a Hobo

At Travels with a Hobo, the best things in life, like love and travel, need not to cost an arm and a leg. This blog takes on the travels of Gem and Beep, as they go places without the worries of being broke. Armed with a backpack, a GoPro, a smartphone, and sense of adventure, the two sets off to local and international destinations — well, as long as the long weekends and their leaves permits.

Follow them on their exploits and love story, and subscribe to Travels with a Hobo today!

Filipino Travel Blogger (36)

Backpacking with a Book

Witness the charms of different destinations explored in and out of the country with Backpacking with a Book. BWAB is a group of travelers and storytellers with the goal of putting emphasis on the wonders of traveling. Whether it’s discussions for new places, sceneries, cultures, delicacies, and everything in between, this blog serves as a stage for it all. To put it simply, it finds beauty out of the ordinary, and makes the stories of each people worthwhile.

Subscribe to Backpacking with a Book today for intriguing travel narratives from other travelers’ perspective, as well as tested-and-proven tips to make your trip more convenient and enjoyable.

Filipino Travel Blogger (17)


Witness nature’s grand display of colors with Lantaw. The term Lantaw means “view” in Hiligaynon, one of the major dialects in the Philippines. This travel blog is best embodied by that term, since it attempts to show places on what it really is. With stunning photographs, Lantaw gives the view of a place, as well as this site’s opinion of it.

Explore the world in its beauty and glory through the lens of an amateur photographer. From the breathtaking sunrise and sunset to beautiful beaches, waterfalls and architectural gems from Southeast Asia, Lantaw is sure to reignite your wanderlust for the majestic sights out there.

Filipino Travel Blogger (21)

Jovial Wanderer

Jovial Wanderer takes on the hikes, travels, and other adventures of Christine Fernandez, a Filipina hiker from Metro Manila. Whether you’re looking for an urban adventure in Quezon City, a nice place to stay in Bataan, a hiking testimonial at Mt. Apayang or gift ideas for fellow travelers, this site is your ultimate resource for your upcoming journeys. Whatever your trip may be, this travel blog is worth subscribing to for useful references.

The site’s owner, Christine Fernandez, is an enthusiast for hiking, traveling, and swimming. She’s also a full-time configuration manager in an IT company. Despite her busy schedule, she still manages to balance time between her profession and passion for adventure.

Filipino Travel Blogger (26)

I am Aileen

I am Aileen pursues the passion for wanderlust of Aileen Adalid, a digital nomad, entrepreneur, and a travel writer. This blog shares her personal adventures and life stories, as well as insightful articles tackling travel hacks, recommendations, tips and guides. It also helps open the eyes of aspiring travelers that living a sustainable travel lifestyle is no longer a pipe dream. With I am Aileen, you can have all information necessary in planning a memorable trip around the world.

Ultimately, the goal of this blog is make people realize that we only have one life to live. Take a leap of faith, follow your dreams and live without regrets.

Filipino Travel Blogger (32)

Chasing Philippines

Take your fill of an exotic dose of Philippines in Chasing Philippines. This travel and photography blog follows the expedition of Mich Borlagdan in different places in the country and beyond.

It also provides essential guides on certain destinations to make your backpacking quest more convenient. Furthermore, Chasing Philippines reminds you on the fact that it is not the place you want to go that matters most — it is the people you meet and the adventure you experience along the way. So, come along and explore the grandeur in the discovered and hidden locations in the country, and embrace every ounce of experience gained from it.

Filipino Travel Blogger (11)

Pinoy on the Road

Fuel your passion for adventure and discover how awesome it is to travel different places with Pinoy on the Road. This blog showcases the solo travel adventures of Nik Rielo as he explores the glorious destinations in the Philippines, the rest of the world, and everywhere in between.

Get inspired on the wonders of traveling as you go through detailed stories, mind blowing facts, and useful guides. From the top places to see in Aurora and explorations in Zambales to beach recommendations in South Korea, expect to gain more knowledge that can be very useful when you make your next travel plan.

Filipino Travel Blogger (30)

Dream Euro Trip

Plan an epic Euro trip with the help of Dream Euro Trip. This travel blog is about the great adventures of DJ Yabis in Europe and around the world. It provides essential travel advice and Europe travel information that are beneficial especially for those who are planning a tour in the European continent.

From how to start your trip and which travel insurance meets your specific needs to how much everything will cost, Dream Euro Trip can definitely help you achieve your goals and reduce planning time. For an added convenience, this blog also features a free Euro Trip Budget Calculator to estimate how much money you need to bring in your upcoming trip.

Filipino Travel Blogger (35)

Blissful Guro

Blissful Guro documents the adventures of a full-time public school teacher/traveler and how she finds happiness in each moment. This travel blog features great experiences and encounters of the Blissful Guro in her journeys around the Philippines and other countries when she is not teaching.

It is a truly awe-inspiring site as some narrations are in Filipino language, which makes each story very close to the heart. This also makes her blog much appreciated by her students and fellow Pinoy readers. Subscribe to Blissful Guro today and accompany her in discovering new things, culture, and places that delivers utmost peace of mind to one’s life.

Filipino Travel Blogger (33)

Byaherong Barat

Biyaherong Barat is the brainchild of Jed Ryan Rosell. This travel and photography blog documents the exploits of its owner throughout the Philippines and around the world.

Its immediate goal is to teach Filipinos to be proud and appreciate the beauty of their homeland that is overflowing with grandeur and elegance. It also envisions to project itself to a global audience with the message that traveling helps one to view the larger people in the most cost-efficient manner.

Filipino Travel Blogger (4)

Traveling Dork

With a deep love for travel and photography, Robbie Bautista decided to chronicle his experiences in this blog. It features recollections in his trips, including how he appreciated beautiful places and how the people he met along the way influenced him in a good way.

Robbie Bautista works as a User Interface Designer in a major telecommunications company by day, and a traveler during his free time. He enjoys getting his skin soaked under the sun, taking a nap during long bus rides, and taking photos inside temples.

Filipino Travel Blogger (23)


Join the Wandering Weekend Warrior as he travels around the Philippines and the rest of Asia with feelings. This blog is known for its love and travel-related posts. So whether you are trying to move on from a heartbreak or just want to witness the fun incorporated with travel-related lines, this site is definitely worth the read.

Wandering Weekend Warrior’s author, Jonas Roque, made this site to satisfy his passion to witness the wonders of the world one weekend at a time. He lives his life with the mantra “PIOLO!” which is an acronym of “Push! I Only Live Once.”

Filipino Travel Blogger (34)

Brown Man Trips follows the personal travel adventures of Ian Dela Pena as he wanders around the country, the rest of Asia and some parts of North America to discover different things. This personal blog pursues its author’s dreams of travel and personal goals. It also allowed him to take on the path to self discovery and become more appreciative of the diverse culture in the world we live in. Through the journey, valuable life lessons are learned and new friends are gained. advises aspiring travelers and bloggers to write to your heart’s content and go far where your feet can take you.

Filipino Travel Blogger (5)

Suroy Pilipinas

“Suroy” means to take a stroll, go to places, or just wander frantically in Cebuano language. As the name suggests, Suroy Pilipinas takes on the journey to different sights and sounds across the country. This blog showcases travel stories, images, and experiences encountered by Earl E. Bolivar. Aside from the lessons learned, it also provides comprehensive travel guides, which can be beneficial to fellow travelers.

Suroy Pilipinas was awarded first place in Sarangani Bay Festival Online Photography Contest (SarBay Fun Category) in 2014 and first place in Malaybalay City Charter Day Photography Contest (Landscape Category) in 2015.

Filipino Travel Blogger (28)

Escape Manila

Escape the urban jungles of Metro Manila and discover everything beyond with Escape Manila. This travel, food, and lifestyle blog showcases the beautiful locations in the Philippines, Asia and the rest of the world. It follows Glen Santillan in his expedition to visit different places outside the metro.

Moreover, it also provides informative topics such as travel tips for a cheap getaway in Southeast Asia, travel websites that are worth bookmarking, things to do in Cebu and how to be a professional travel blogger.


Filipino Travel Blogger (1)

Tuklaserang Matipid

Tuklaserang Matipid was created by Jess and Eric, a couple who shared the passion for traveling, exploration, and photography. According to them, traveling is not about the number of places you’ve set foot in, but rather in the memories collected in the duration of the trip.  As the name suggests, this blog ultimately aims to keep everything you need on your trip just within or less than your expected budget.

In 2010, Tuklaserang Matipid won second place in the IAMEXPLORER blogging contest that is sponsored by Microsoft Philippines.

Filipino Travel Blogger (6)

Wander If You Must

Wander If You Must embarks on the journey of Reiza Dejito to seek the most exciting adventures and sweetest romances. This blog shares her real-life work and travel experiences, and other stories. Follow her as she wanders around the globe to satisfy her hunger for travel, adventure and love.

Reiza Dejito is a humanitarian worker, a physiotherapist, a travel blogger, an indie film producer, and a literary editor. With a wide skill set and achievements in life, you better subscribe to her blog to trail her path towards contentment and happiness.

Filipino Travel Blogger (29)

Eazy Traveler

Eazy Traveler is the brainchild of Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap. This travel blog captures the culture, places, and perspectives that are tapped and yet untapped by mainstream tourism.

It also takes on a different angle on the locales of places he visited. With Edgar’s wide appetite for fun and adventure, Eazy Traveler has already covered all 81 provinces in the Philippines and 11 nations in Southeast Asia, including Myanmar and East Timor.

Who Are Your Favorite Pinoy Travel Bloggers?

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Let us know in the comments who your favorite Filipino travel bloggers are, where the best places to visit in the Philippines, or your favorite pinoy meal to eat.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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