Best Places To Rent A House In The Philippines

Rent a House in Baguio Philippines

Traveling to the beautiful Philippines can become expensive if you need to stay in a hotel, especially when your trip lasts more than a few weeks. If you are planning to visit one of the 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines, then renting a home is going to be the best option for your budget, but there are also a number of other reasons that renting a vacation home is ideal.

Benefits of Renting a House

Whether you are going to be visiting the Philippines for a business trip or you are bringing your entire family for a vacation, there are benefits to renting a house during your trip. These benefits begin with the fact that you will have more than a small hotel room as living space during your trip, but what other benefits will you enjoy?

Furnished Homes

When you are renting a home, whether it is for a vacation or a longer period of time, you can find properties that are already furnished. This means that if you are traveling to the Philippines for work for six months, you will be able to live with the comforts of home without dragging your furniture along. Pre-furnished homes often come with everything that you need for your bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. It even often includes all appliances and a washer and dryer.

No Maintenance

If anything happens to go wrong while you are renting the apartment, the individual that you are renting from will come and fix the issue. If you have a plumbing issue while you are in the home, all you need to do is call the owner of the property.


When you travel a lot, the option of renting a house in the Philippines while you are traveling gives you a lot of flexibility. It gives you the option to move around when you need, which means that you can be ready to go at any time. In addition, the amenities at a place that you rent are much better than you would get at a hotel. You will have a full kitchen where you can cook, and some rentals even include a private pool, an amazing view, and free Wi-Fi.

Learn the Area

If you have never been to the area that you are traveling to, then staying in a rental home within the community will help you get to know the area much better than staying at a hotel on the outskirts of town. In fact, you can often use the homeowners as a resource because they will be able to tell you where the best restaurants and attractions are located.

Top Places to Rent Houses in the Philippines

When you are traveling, companies like HomeAway can be great for locating a rental property that can provide you with the comforts of home. These houses can be rented on a weekly or a monthly basis, so once you know your rental needs, you can explore the properties in the area and book the one that is best for you. A local guide may even be included in the price to help you find your way around town.

Here are some of the top places to rent a house in the Philippines:


Rent A house - Manila

Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines, is a bayside city that is located on the southern side of Luzon. The sunsets over the bay are gorgeous, and while you are here you can explore the history of the Intramuros, which is the oldest district of the city. You can also visit Rizal Park, check out Manila Ocean Park, or visit some Catholic churches in the town. Star City is a popular place for families to enjoy as well.

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Rent A House in Manila

Quezon City

Rent a house in Quezon City

Quezon City is the largest city in the Philippines. It was once the capital of the nation for 28 years, but in 1976, Manila became the capital of the nation. The city itself is located slightly northeast of Manila. The main campus of the University of the Philippines is located in this city, and there are a lot of exciting places to visit here like the Quezon Memorial Shrine and the Quezon Memorial Circle. The Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center is also a great thing to see with your family.

Rent A House in Quezon City


Rent a house in Makati Philippines

Makati is essentially the financial hub of Metro Manila. It is located on the southwestern side of the island on the strip of land between Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay. In this area, you will find a number of museums and libraries, a lot of shopping opportunities, and a lot of very tall buildings. One of the must-see locations in this city is the Ayala Museum, but the Ayala Triangle Gardens is a great place to check out as well as the Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church, which was built in 1630.

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Rent A House in Makati


Rent a house Mandaluyong Philippines

Mandaluyong is a city that is located in the capital region, but it is actually the sixth smallest city in the nation. The city can be found east of Manila and north of Makati. This is a great location to go shopping; in fact, it is home to the largest mall in the Philippines, but if you are looking for a more historical tour of the city, there are plenty of religious monuments, shrines, and churches that you can visit here.

Rent A House in Mandaluyong


Rent A House in Taguig Philippines

Taguig is a popular district found in Metro Manila. It is also goes by the name Bonifacio Global City. This part of Manila is the up and coming financial district with lots of restaurants, galleries, and shopping malls in the area.

Rent A House in Mandaluyong


Rent a house in Tagaytay Philippines

Tagaytay is a relaxing town that is located south from the capital, Manila. It is directly the Lawa ng Taal, which is a large lake with a volcano inside. If you are up for an adventure, you can climb the crater of the volcano and see the lake inside. If you want a view of Tagatay tourist spots from afar, the Sky Eye, which is a 207-foot ferris wheel at Sky Ranch, gives you an amazing view of Taal Lake. Picnic Grove is another family-friendly place where horseback riding and zip lines are available.


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Rent A House in Tagaytay


Rent a House in Baguio Philippines

Also known as “The City of Pines,” this mountainous town is located in the northern part of Luzon near the Lingayen Gulf. Here, you will want to explore Session Road where you can shop to your heart’s content. You can also check out the Lady of Atonement Cathedral, which is a place of worship that has unique pink hues and amazing architecture. In addition, Burnham Park is a great place to go boating with your family.

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Rent A House in Baguio


Rent a house in Cebu City Philippines

Cebu is a province that is located in the Visayas region of the nation. Located between the Cebu Strait and the Tañon Strait, this city has plenty of things to explore. If you are looking for a great view of the city, Tops Lookout is ideal. There are also plenty of Cebu tourist spots such as temples, museums, and Monuments to visit as well. One of the must-see destinations of Cebu is the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño because it is the oldest church in the Philippines; in fact, it was built in 1565.

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Rent A House in Cebu City


Rent a house in Batangas Philippines

Batangas is the capital city of the province of Batangas, which is located on the southern edge of Luzon, right next to Batangas Bay. One of the must-see Batangas tourist spots to visit in this city is the Basilica of St. Martin de Tours because it is the largest Catholic Church in all of Asia. There are also a number of beaches and diving locations that you can explore.

Rent A House in Batangas

Final Thoughts On Renting Houses In The Philippines

As you can see from this guide, there are quite a few tourist spots in the Philippines. If you plan on staying for a while, then it is going to be in your best interest to rent a house in the Philippines. You will have the comforts of home that you are used to, and you can get to know the area that you are staying in more easily. No matter how long you stay, rental accommodations will make the trip more enjoyable.



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