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Tagaytay Tourist Spot - Peoples Park in the Sky

Adventure of all kinds is at the door from the moment you arrive at your Tagaytay vacation rental. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, or hoping to find some authentic cuisine, we can help you find the best Tagaytay tourist spots.

Getting here is very straightforward. The closest major airport is located in Manila. You can easily take the train from Manila to Quezon City, a distance of about 6 miles, then take a bus to Tagaytay. The bus will stop in Olivera Plaza, where taxis will be waiting.

Private cars and rental cars are also available at the Manila airport for a fee. Driving from Manila to Tagaytay (59 km) takes about an hour.

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Top Things to See and Do in Tagaytay

There is certainly no shortage of things you can do in Tagaytay. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll love taking in all of the scenery. You can explore on your own, enjoy some of the guided tours, and even do some camping. Here are some of the must-see’s and must-do’s if you plan on visiting:

1) People’s Park in the Sky

This park is a historical site of an unfinished presidential mansion, known as the Palace in the Sky. After construction ceased it was converted to a public urban park. Imelda Marcos began building the mansion in 1981 on public lands at the summit of Mount Gonzolas.

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2) Taal Volcano Island

The Taal volcano is one of the most popular draws of visiting the region. It is an active volcano and part of the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and the chain of Taal Volcanoes. The volcano itself is very accessible and can be reached easily by boat from Talisay, the lakeshore town which is only about 15 minutes from Tagaytay.

Visitors can take guided tour boats to the volcano, or you can rent a watercraft for a small fee. Either way, this is a memorable experience and one not to be missed while staying in Tagaytay. Once you arrive at the volcano, hiking and exploring are also an option.

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3) Picnic Grove

Picnic Grove is another scenic place to visit in Tagaytay, especially for a day spent outside. For a minimal entrance fee, you can visit the entire grounds which includes beautiful vistas and views, well-kept picnic grounds, and opportunities (for extra fees) to ride horses, visit a fish-spa booth, stop at the Butterfly Garden, or try zip lining.

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4) Camping and Boating on Taal Lake

All of the different ways to see the Taal volcano make it a very popular Tagaytay tourist spot. Boat, windsurf, and kayak rentals are available for a small fee. You can also hire a guide to take you to Taal Volcano via boat. Restroom facilities are also available near the campsites at the Taal Lake Yacht Club.

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Where To Eat In Tagaytay

eat in tagaytay philippines - sonyasgarden

The dining spots for tourist in Tagaytay for dining include taking advantage of the many local farms and gardens.  Restaurants throughout the area pride themselves providing visitors with seasonally changing menus and dishes unique to the region.

The Farm Organics is where to go in Tagaytay for everything from pasta to pork belly to burgers. Located in the Twin Lakes area and open from 10:00 a.m daily, the all-organic menu changes regularly. Their prices are always affordable to the casual tourist visitor.

Antonios Restaraunt  is one of the most popular breakfast spots in Tagaytay. At Antonio’s they aspire to achieve a perfect balance between delicious food and a homey ambiance. Try it out and we are certain you will feel right at home.

Sonya’s Garden is located in Alfonso, only a few minutes drive from Tagaytay. The menu is made up primarily of garden-to-table items like salads and dips, homemade bread, and locally sourced meats. While you’re there, be sure to take a walk through the conservatory garden.

Bag of Beans is a favorite for locals and tourists alike.  Also a bed and breakfast, its shabby-chic design and garden-getaway ambiance appeal to those looking to escape the everyday. Their menu features everything from fresh fish to pasta, pizza, and burgers. Breakfast is served all day, making Bag of Beans the perfect spot to have a lazy brunch while in Tagaytay.

Facts and Statistics of Tagaytay

With its population of about 71,000 inhabitants, Tagaytay is an attractive destination south of Manila  on Luzon, one of the Philippine islands.  The mild weather, cultural and historical sites, and beautiful views draw many visitors each year.

Tagaytay’s elevation is approximately 2080 ft, as it sits on a ridge overlooking Taal Lake.  It is the highest point in the Batangas, which makes it a cool escape from hot summers experienced elsewhere on in the islands.

The region is moderately sized at 25 square miles and has a moderate climate year round with a rainy season from June through September it can rain up to18 inches in one month. The humidity stays at about 78% all year.

Besides tourism, agriculture is very important to the economy of the region. Main goods are pineapple, banana, coffee, cut flowers, and assorted other fruits and vegetables.

The biggest natural draw of Tagaytay is, of course, Taal Volcano Island. It is geologically unique in that it is a volcanic island in the middle of a lake in the middle of an island. The fresh water of Lake Taal is high in sulfuric content due to the volcano.

While Tagaytay is located inland on the peninsula, many beautiful beaches are within a short drive. The unique topography of mountains, lakes, and nearby beaches create a landscape perfect for all types of visitors.


Whether your journey to Tagaytay spiritual, cultural, for relaxation or some adventure and exploring of a beautiful place rich with history, there is something here for every type of visitor. Escape to the cool, clean air of this mountainous city, splash in the fresh water of Taal lake, dine on cuisine and let the worries of the world pass you by.





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