Take A Shopcation To Seoul

There is nothing more appealing to the senses than shopping. You know that’s exactly why they call it retail therapy! When you go shopping, even miles of walking through high streets or store hallways is not a pain. Fishing endlessly for a particular outfit in your size doesn’t seem like a task. Sales are the happiest moments you experience. A hole in your pocket seems worth it.

If this is how you feel about shopping, you deserve a shopcation! Yes, that’s right. A vacation to experience the shopping paradise beyond the malls in your hometown. A vacation that does not require you to carry packed suitcases, but requires you to carry empty ones so that you can bring them back, loaded with the stuff you shop. An itinerary that focuses only on shopping and where sightseeing can take a back seat. A getaway where the only reason you really get away is to shop your heart out.

And to experience all this and more, head out for a shopcation to Seoul. The city fulfils all fantasies of a shopaholic. From expensive things to budget deals, there is much to buy and explore.

Why should you shop in Seoul?

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

1. Retail Heaven

Seoul is almost like a giant shopping mall that caters to everything you need. From apparels to skincare products to home décor items to souvenirs, you will find it all. Whether you are looking to shop specific brands or want to try street shopping and local boutiques, Seoul has it all covered for you.

2. Organized Shopping

Shopping in Seoul is convenient because different parts of the city specialize in different items. This makes it easier for shoppers to identify the things they really want to buy and pick the area accordingly. In addition, the retail venues are directly connected to railway stations, which sorts out the travel part.

3. Shopping and much more

Too much shopping can make you want to take a break (we can’t believe we said that!). The shopping destinations in Seoul also have cafeterias, museums, aquariums, art-galleries, theatres and theme parks. After a long day of shopping, you can also binge on some entertainment like cultural shows, music performances, fashion shows and art exhibitions.

And if this gives you reason enough to explore the city, then here are the things that your shopping bags should have.

What to buy in Seoul?

1. Skincare and cosmetic products

Cosmetics on display at Innisfree shop in Seoul

When in Korea, buying cosmetic products is a must. Face masks, lipsticks, eye-makeup and more! Brands like Faceshop, Missha, Nature Republic, Tony Moly, Hollika Hollika are some of the popular ones, available in almost all multi department stores. Laneige, Innisfree and Banila & Co. are some of the other brands you would not want to miss at all! The most famous Korean cosmetic product is the BB cream that most international brands are also trying to replicate in their product list.

2. Traditional Korean Souvenirs

Korean wooden mask sold at Insadong street in Seoul

Koreans love everything cute and you will find many adorable souvenir items to take home. Handcrafted cellphone covers, cardholders, key chains, wallets, magnets, luggage tags and postcards that hold the traditional Korean mask style can be found here. Vibrant stationery is another thing that you might want to keep a look out for. Colourful calendars, bookmarks, notepads, bags in inspiring styles are available at affordable prices.

3. Korean Fashion

Shopping mall in Dongdaemun Shopping District

A digger for contemporary styles? Then Korea is your haven. Shopping for apparels and accessories from Seoul is a must. You can find branded stuff in malls as well as handcrafted apparels on the streets and boutiques. Handbags, hair accessories, tops and skirts, men’s apparels of good quality and variety are available here.

Where to stay

Make your Seoul trip comfortable and exciting; book a comfortable HomeAway.


Hongdae is a forward-thinking, fun-loving neighborhood of Seoul. Here self-expression is key and this is prominent in its artistic and cultural activities. An area that is always abuzz with vibrancy, energy, and enthusiasm, Hongdae is known for its shopping and lively nightlife. What better place than Hongdae to stay during your shopcation! Shop all day and put on your dancing shoes for the night.

Check out these cozy HomeAways that will make your shopcation a delight.

1. Spacious, Classy Apartment
Located near the Hongik university, this spacious apartment is perfect for your shopcation stay when you are accompanied by a lot of people. The apartment is surrounded by lots of fun things to do, and the area is best known for its youthful vibes. Furnished with all the necessary amenities like kitchen tools, washing machine, towels among the other basic facilities, this place will make your stay comfortable and convenient. The apartment is located amidst markets, clubs, cafes, galleries and convenience stores. This saves you the long haul after a happening night!

Average Price per night: PHP 5,066

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2. Locohause
Clean, comfortable and cozy, this beautiful HomeAway is directly connected with Hongik University Station. The best part of living here is that the main tourist attractions in Seoul such as Myeong-dong, Dongdae-mun and Insa-dong can be reached within a time span of 30 minutes. For a fun night, you can head to one of the underground clubs here where young artists and musicians from all over Korea perform their best. Locohause is surrounded by plenty of independent clothing stalls and vintage shops. This helps you shop even better! What more? The interiors have cute wallpapers and colorful linen that makes the home spread happy vibes. Also, the apartment has a wide window with view of Hongdae main street. Walk to the window every morning to soak in some Hongdae sun!

Average Price per night: PHP 3,257

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3. 65 Art house
This holiday home is definitely not going to make you miss your own abode. Carefully decorated interiors with tiny bookshelves and paintings give the home an artsy feel. Potted plants, dining area with high-rise chairs, and comfy seats add to the artsy feel of this house. However, the cherry on the top is that you can have the entire house along with the rooftop to yourself! For those tiring shopping days, you can sit yourself at the rooftop with a drink or a cup of coffee at nights. The place is also close to park for those relaxing evening walks or early morning brisk walks. Transportation is convenient and the place is close to some great nightlife venues.

Average Price per night: PHP 3,981

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4. Massive house for large groups
A huge shopcation group? This spacious HomeAway might be just what you are looking for. Suitable for a group of more than 16 people, it has 3 huge bedrooms, 9 beds and 2 bathrooms. Although located in the centre of Hongdae, this place still gives you the quiet and private space that you might want on a certain day of your stay in here. Restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee shops are all located at a walking distance.

Average Price per night: PHP 7,754

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Myeongdong is one of the busiest places in Seoul. It is counted among the premier shopping destinations of Korea. It has countless shops and restaurants. Not only is Myeongdong host to the major department stores Lotte and Shinsegae, but there are quite a few other shopping malls too that lie in the streets of Myeongdong. It has a well-developed transportation network, which makes it a convenient destination to shop at. Shops for apparels, accessories and cosmetics can be seen at every nook and corner, and street shops fill the spaces in between, offering delicious snacks, inexpensive outfits, and blingy accessories.

Here are the HomeAways we recommend for a smooth sailing shopcation.

1. White Contemporary House
This contemporary HomeAway is designed with great detail. It gives you the New Yorker vibe with a touch of Korean detail. The home boasts of elegance and artistic flavours. It is armed with 2 bedrooms, 5 beds, and 2 full bathrooms. It usually accommodates 4 guests but can also accommodate upto 8 guests when necessary. The dining area is the key attraction of this home and is perfect for wine and dine after a long day of shopping and roaming around the streets of Myeongdong. The second floor has a window that gives you a view of the Seoul Station.

Average price per night: PHP 9,253

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2. Lena’s Basecamp
This studio apartment, private condo style will let you experience the lifestyle of young Koreans. All the popular shopping markets like Gwangjang market, Dongdemun market and Namdaemun Market are located at a walking distance of about 15 minutes. Isn’t it great to have all the shopping areas at a stone’s throw while on a shopcation? Staying at this basecamp will also let you explore nightlife to the fullest. Moreover, midnight shopping is also a key attraction. Apart from the basic amenities, it also provides you with portable Wi-Fi and a 24-hour convenience store nearby.

Average Price per night: PHP 1,861

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3. Myeongdong Studio #5
Stay at this studio HomeAway for a perfect shopcation! Armed with all the required amenities, this apartment is apt for a group of 5 guests. Safety and cleanliness are well assured in this home. It is located very close to the Chungmuro subway station and Myeongdong shopping area. The interiors are elegant with a contemporary look. After a tiresome shopping haul, you would definitely want to come back to this home and take a peaceful nap!

Average Price per night: PHP 3,516

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Gangnam is known as the wealthiest district in Korea. It is home to many department stores, underground shopping areas, and big and small malls. This is where you would find Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace and many other top designer brand stores. The top shopping neighbourhoods are Apgujeong and Cheongdam. You will find many multi-concept men’s and chic women’s boutiques. Also, you will come across stores selling quirky and junky furniture pieces. Kids’ clothes stores are also large in number.

Looking for HomeAways in Gangnam, here is a list of a few handpicked ones.

1. Amy’s House
If you like minimalism and simplicity, this ultra-cute HomeAway is the place you should choose. Very basic yet classy in its interiors, it is home to all the necessary amenities. It can accommodate up to 4 guests if needed. The design of this apartment is simple. You will find a couple of potted plants and a few tiny frames hung on the wall. It is located very close to the Garosu Street and Sinsa Station. The neighbourhood is known to have the best nightlife, refined boutiques, and restaurant chains. It is very close to the Young Dong Market, about 5 minutes by taxi. All in all, a no nonsense apartment that lets you focus on shopping!

Average price per night: PHP 3,516

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2. Spacious and Luxurious Apartment
If you do not want to compromise on comfort while you are on your shopcation in Seoul, this  luxury HomeAway is the place to live in! Huge in size, it can accommodate more than sixteen people. It has about 3 spacious bedrooms, 6 beds and 2 bathrooms. The wooden floors and yellow lamps light up the apartment at night to make it look no less than a luxury heaven. All the key places like Lotte world Mall, Cheongdam Fashion Street, Gangnam Station, Garosu Gil are a few minutes away.

Average price per night: PHP 18,041

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3. Little cozy apartment
Unless you are coming with more than 3 people, this is a cozy abode that could make your shopcation a smooth one. It is a simple home with white and black interiors and comes with a queen-size bed and queen-size mattress. The view from this apartment at night is that of the Gangnam Station.

Average price per night: PHP 3,619

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On a budget shopping spree looking to buy things in bulk? Dongdaemun is the answer! It is a    paradise for fashionistas and the wow factor here comes not only from fashion but also from the tasty street food and the bright and vibrant atmosphere. Dongdaemun is the perfect place from where you can pick up local Korean fashion to feed your wardrobe. It has vast shopping options like 30,000 specialty shops, 26 shopping malls and night market, just incase the day falls short to suffice your shopping needs!

Here are a few recommended HomeAways in Dongdaemun.

1. Climbing house
A tiny little abode for you to rest during your shopcation, this newly opened HomeAway in Dongdaemun provides comfort at an affordable price. It also has a rooftop, which provides a great view. Moreover, the entrance and the space are huge enough to move all your shopping baggage. You can reach the Dongdaemun market in 5 minutes on foot.

Average Price per night: PHP 1,965

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2. An entire house in Dongdaemun
Warm and subtle, this home is apt for up to five guests. Your sore muscles will crave the comfortable linen of the beds in this home after an endless day of shopping and loitering around the streets looking for great deals! It is only a 3-minute walk to the Dongdaemun Market. All you really need to carry to this home is a couple of clothes. All your toiletries and basic amenities are present in this house. The area is safe and quiet.

Average Price per night: PHP 3,722

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3. Duplex Studio
This duplex HomeAway is a masterpiece in itself. The place is covered with artistic, quirky little things and fairy lights. The beds are fluffy and comfortable. You will also find paintings by the home owner who is an artist. The interiors are white with a lot of colorful detail. It is at a 10-minute distance to Dongdaemun shopping center and design plaza by subway. You can go for your morning jogs or walks at the nearby park. After all, fitness is essential to shop till you drop!

Average Price per night: PHP 4,136

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Buying Tips

  • If you are looking for good deals to shop for clothes, underground shopping centers are the place to go. These are famed for being a bargain shopping paradise. You are sure to save some bucks here!
  • If you are bargaining for one item, you might not be successful. However, if you are buying multiple items from a seller you can definitely bag a good deal. The idea is to buy in bulk and save more.
  • Ask for free stuff. If you are spending a good amount of money, then you can use your bargaining powers to ask for some free goodies. For example, if you are buying a lot of clothes, ask for a free T-shirt. If you are buying a camera, you may ask for a free camera bag. Buying a cellphone? Ask for a free phone case. Yes! This works. But you do require some hardcore bargaining skills.

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