Things to do in Penang With Kids

Your children will never get bored in Penang. With all the amazing facilities and kid friendly areas, your entire family will have a fun time. From natural parks to amusement parks, and some child-friendly restaurants in between. Explore the best things to do in Penang with kids:



  1. Penang Hill with Kids

things to do in penang with kids
Malaysian family at viewpoint of Penang Hill Penang Hill


Penang Hill offers a wonderful day-out. Start the day with great views overlooking Penang from the exciting tram ride all the way to the top of the hill. Along the way you can stop at the adjoining aviary and wonder at the beautiful and rainbow coloured birds. Just remember to bring a pad of paper and pencils as your little ones are going to want to immortalise these on your fridge door!

While at the top of Penang hill there are cafes and restaurants to help replenish your energy. While you can also make a visit the local mosque and Hindu temple to learn about the various religious cultures that make Penang unique.



  1. Penang Butterfly Farm


One of the most fun things to do in Penang with kids, and let’s be honest adults too, is a visit to the Penang Butterfly Farm. Set within the hills of Teluk Bhang, the farm houses thousands rare and endangered butterfly species. The tour includes a walking tour through the expansive park, including the orchard where you can enjoy tasting the fresh fruit.

things to do in penang with kids


The Penang Butterfly Farm is dedicated to educating the public on the environment and rainforest conservation. Making it a great educational tour for your kids!



  1. Monkey Beach


things to do in penang with kids
Monkey Beach, Penang National Park, Malaysia

Not only does Monkey beach have a clean and relaxing environment, it’s a great place to get reconnect with nature. The monkeys are very friendly due to the high amount of human contact from tourists coming to play with them. While the beach is very quiet, ideal for sandcastles and sun bathing.

Depending upon the age of your children, you can access Monkey Beach by either hiking there through the jungles of the Penang National Park or by boat. But make time for the park’s turtle sanctuary, where your little ones come face-to-face with adorable green turtle babies.



  1. Wet World Wild Adventure Park


The Wet World Park is located in Moonlight Bay. Your kids will love this inflatable obstacle course of slides, stairs, swings and inflatable toy rafts. The beach is very close by, so finish the day by setting up towels and an umbrella to relax under. Though more suitable for older children, the park is family friendly and easy to supervise.

things to do in penang with kids
Obstacle Course, Box End Park


Please be aware that there is a limit on people within the park so as not to cause overcrowding, so booking early is advisable. The admission  price is around 50RM, though it does fluctuate year-to-year.



  1. Taiping Zoo



things to do in penang with kids
Tourist enjoy an elephant show in Taiping Zoo. Taiping Zoo is the first animal park in the country.

Kids love the zoo. And Taiping Zoo is home to Malaysia’s most incredible exotic animals. The Zoo is located in Taiping, which is just under 2 hours away from Penang, but there are frequent bus services.

For an added treat the zoo is open long into the evenings, offering a night zoo experience your little ones won’t soon forget. Educational as well as exciting, this zoo holds animals from Malaysia’s rain forests rarely seen in other countries.

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