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In the Philippines, food is a way to show your family and friends how much they are valued. Gatherings are filled with laughter, joy, love, and a lot of good food options. Whether you are part of this culture or not, getting together with others and enjoying life is something that you won’t want to miss out on.

One of the best ways to do this is to travel with your loved ones. Narrowing down your travel options can be difficult, which is where travel, food, and lifestyle blogs come into play. They can help you find a place of interest from Baguio to Visayas or even simply show you how to create some of the delicious foods in your own home.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest bloggers in the Philippines because let’s face it, who knows the country better than the locals.

The Peach Kitchen

Peachy is a foodie that is based in the Philippines. She is the mother of two, and she loves to share vacation stories, mommy advice, and great food recipes that are easy to create at home. Whether you are looking for a delicious breakfast, a scrumptious dessert, or a meal to prepare for your friends, her blog has plenty of options.

Pinoy Kusinero

If you are looking for traditional Filipino recipes or you are looking to branch out into fusion style dishes, Pinoy Kusinero is a great option. Enz loves to cook authentic Filipino dishes and photographs them to share them with his blog community. In addition to sharing his delicious recipes, he presents the culture and the history behind each dish.

Luto ni Lola

GJ is a Filipino blogger who shares recipes on his blog that your lola or grandma might cook in her kitchen. The blog contains recipes that are hearty and delicious as well as some recommendations for small kitchen appliances that may be useful for creating these authentic dishes in your home.

The Tummy Train

The Tummy Train is a blog that was created by Clarisse, who wanted to take people on a trip through the Philippines to explore their food and cultural heritage. The blog includes some restaurant suggestions, reviews, recipes, images of mouthwatering dishes, and the adventures that she has experiencing new foods in the area.

The Food Scout

Food, travel, and love go together, especially when a wedding is involved. Jill decides that life as an investment broker was not for her, so she created a blog and took it on the road with her. She is based in the Philippines, but she reviews restaurants in New York, China, India, and other locations around the world.

 Yoga And Cream

Lloyd and Me-An are a couple who love food, travel, and exploring lifestyles that they encounter. Their blog is full of food posts from every corner of the world and travel posts to help you find places to stay and things to do during your travels. There are also ideas about where you can pamper yourself while on vacation.

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Pepe Samson

Pepe, or Patrick as he is known outside of his blog, is a food lover who creates restaurant reviews, the best bites, and cheap places to get a delicious meal. He also writes about traveling, hotels and resorts to stay at, and rooftop bars to enjoy after hours. Take a look at his bucket list to see if there is anything on it that interests you.

Kalami Cebu

Carlo is a foodie who loves to experience new foods, so this blog gives you plenty of restaurants in Cebu that have delicious food. There are restaurant reviews for all types of foods, so you will be able to find something you’ll love if you are visiting the area.

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Franny Wanny

Fran creates this blog to share restaurants that she has discovered that are amazing. She also has a number of delicious recipes on the site as well as travel information with hotel reviews. She suggests must-sees in locations around the world as well as foods to try in the area.

Chef jay’s Kitchen

Jay’s blog is one that is full of restaurant reviews, specialty coffee suggestions, and recipes that you can create at home that are delicious. Make sure to check out the featured promotions on the blog. He also follows the events of Master Chef Asia on his blog if you are interested.

Manila Eat Up

Manilla Eat Up is a blog that is designed to give Filipino food and culture the recognition that it deserves. There are restaurant reviews to show of the Manila food talent in the Philippines as well as a travel section that shows some of the food from other parts of the world.

My Style Recipe

Malou is a cake baker and decorator hobbyist who created her blog to share her love of food with her readers. She tries to share simple recipes that are easy to make at home, so that everyone can make cakes to settle their sweet tooth. She also explores places to travel, restaurant reviews, and her furry little friends in her posts.

Carne Norte/Corned Beef Hash, click on my profile for the recipe link😉

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A Not So Popular Kid

Kenz is a blogger who wants to share his love of Filipino, Japanese, and Italian cuisine. His posts touch on recipes that you can create at home as well as neighborhoods and communities where some restaurants that make amazing versions of popular dishes can be found. There are also a number of reviews that can be found on the blog.

Work of art applied on food. #artinfood

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Pinyoy Tsibog

Michelle found it difficult to eat out all the time, so this blog is designed to help others discover delightful Filipino dishes that she has created and loved. The blog is all about recipes, so whether you are looking for a delightful Ginataang Susothat recipe or you want to make authentic Filipino lumpiang, this is a great place to start looking.

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Tsinoy Foodies

For Stacy, food is a bonding experience, so she created this blog to share her love of Filipino and Chinese food with her readers. You can find specific dishes based on the location where they are created or by the type of cuisine. There are a number of reviews on the site for different food establishments as well.

Final Thoughts

The Philippines are an amazing place to visit. It has amazing culture, beautiful vistas, and delicious food that will make you want to stay in the island nation. If you are thinking of visiting the beautiful Philippine islands, take a look at some of the food, travel, and lifestyle blogs that we discussed to help you find places that you will not want to miss during your visit.

Do your own research as well because these are not the only resources available for finding things that your can do during your vacation.

If you find some great Filipino bloggers, let us know because we all want to know about exiting places to explore when we make a trip to tour the Philippines.

If traveling is not in your near future, then the foodies on these blogs can help expand your recipe options.

Interested in finding more Pinoy travel bloggers? Check out our top Filipino travel bloggers post!

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