Top Ten Things to do in Paris!

Paris – This grandiose and timeless beauty of a city is embodied with such depth of character and hidden treasures that it is a herculean task to decide what to do if you are going on a short trip. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Paris if you are on a 2-3 day trip. It is a good mix of what the great city has to offer; the crème de la crème of the various sights and activities that we believe gives you a glimpse into the spirit of good old Paris.

1. Relax on a Seine River Cruise

Get a unique perspective of the ancient city via a river cruise on the Seine River. Most cruises will take you under Pont Neuf, Paris’s oldest bridge and also past theLouvre, The Musée d’Orsay and Notre Dame, giving you wonderful photo opportunities and a chance to learn about the capital city’s most fascinating landmarks. 

River Seine Cruise

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2. Visit the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

A storehouse of art treasures, the Louvre is without doubt one of the most iconic of all museums in the world. Famous for its glass pyramid and rare collection of Renaissance masterpieces, the Louvre is also home to da Vinci’s most famous and much debated Mona Lisa. 

Monalisa By Leornado Da Vinci

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3. Say a prayer at the Notre Dame Cathedral

Built in 1160, the Notre Dame Cathedral is celebrated as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture. It is also one of Paris’ most commanding landmark, with its serene chapels, naves and two impressive towers. If you have the time (and the energy!) do attempt to climb the 422 steps up the tower to get an unforgettable panoramic view of Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral

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4. Attend a Wine Tasting Class:

French wine is world-renowned and what better place to learn about wines than Paris. Sign on for a wine tasting class at Ô Château or BKWine, or better still plan a visit to Musée du Vin, a kitschy museum located in a medieval wine cellar with a French restaurant that offers wine tasting.

Wine Tasting in Paris

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5. See a show at the Lido:

Touted as the world’s most famous cabaret since 1946, the Lido de Paris, located on the famed Champs-Élysées has been entertaining scores of visitors to the city of light. Book a dinner dance and show ticket, and sit back and enjoy an evening you’ll never forget.

Lido Cabaret

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6. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower:

When Gustave Eiffel constructed this 320m-tall signature spire as a temporary exhibit for the 1889 World Fair, no one expected it to become the city’s most iconic symbol. Whether you choose to climb as far as the 2nd floor using the south pillar’s 704-step stairs or take the lifts till the top, be sure to make a trip to the most visited paid-for monument in the world.

Eiffel Tower View

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7. Shop at le Marais:

A marsh until the 12th century, Marais is now a famous shopping precinct and the heart of shopping for casual wear and street fashion. You can stock up here on the season’s latest fashion as well as smart staples for your wardrobe from both design boutiques and multi-brand stores.

 Chamos Elysees Paris

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8. Get photographed at the Palace de Versailles:

Located 15 miles south west of Paris the Palace de Versailles is known for being one of the most opulent and lavish castles in the world, with 2,143 windows, 1,252 fireplaces and 67 staircases, covering  67,002 square meters (721,206 square feet) of floorspace! The Hall of Mirrors, the Chapel of Versailles and the grand apartments of the king and queen are sure to take your breath away.

Palace De Versailles

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9. Admire the Arc de Triomphe:

If anything can stand up as a rival to the Eiffel Tower as the most distinctive symbol of Paris, it is the Arc de Triomphe. This intricately sculpted arch, constructed in 1836 as a monument to soldiers who fought in Napoléon’s victory at Austerlitz, stands in the centre of the Étoile (Star) roundabout. The Arc de Triomphe is today the backdrop for all great national celebrations. It is magnificently beautiful both during the day and by night, when the Champs-Elysees glitters with lights.

 Arc de Triomphe

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10. Have a meal at a Parisian bistro:

Your trip to the City of Love would not be complete without a meal at a Parisian bistro. The delicious French food, red-checkered tablecloths, copper pans hanging from the walls and the sights of Parisian streets will delight your taste buds and warm your soul.Paris Bistro Sidewalk Cafe

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