Best Tourist Spots In The Philippines 2017

Best Philippines Tourist Spots

Here at HomeAway Philippines we have put together guides to some of the best tourist spots in the Philippines.

With more than 7,100 beautiful islands, the Philippines offers a plenty of places to enjoy which is why it welcomes millions of visitors every year.

The country is rich in natural, cultural and historical experiences. From the beautiful beaches where you can tan or surf the waves to exploring beautiful caves or enjoying the view from atop a small mountain.

We hope you enjoy finding some of the best places to enjoy the Philippines.

Please let us know in the comments some of your favorite tourist’s spots to visit.

Best Cebu Tourist Spots

Enjoy beautiful beaches, exploring the depths diving, or some of the amazing local food. Check out all the things you can do while staying in a vacation rental in Cebu.

Check out the top tourist spots in Cebu

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Lapu Lapu Statue - Cebu Philippines Tour Spots

Best Tagaytay Tourist Spots

Be prepared to be amazed at the jaw-dropping views of Taal Volcano from the famous Peoples Park in the Sky. This park makes you literally feel like you are sitting on a cloud while enjoying the view of the beautiful landscape around you. Check out all the things you can do while staying in a vacation rental in Tagaytay.

Check out the top tourist spots in Tagaytay

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Tagaytay Tourist Spot - Peoples Park in the Sky

Best Batangas Tourist Spots

Enjoy beautiful mountain hikes, beaches, and amazing sunsets all in one place. Check out all the things you can do while staying in a transient house in Batangas.

Check out the top tourist spots in Batangas

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Ocean Beach Pool Batangas Vacation Water Sea

Best Bataan Tourist Spots

Bataan is a providence in the Philippines that is rich in history. Whether you are looking for something related to WWII, a religious landmark, or a more natural Bataan tourist destination, you will be able to find some amazing places to see during your trip to Bataan.

Check out the top tourist spots in Bataan Philippines

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Best Manila Tourist Spots

Manila is the capital of the Philippines and a great place to visit. While staying in your Manila vacation rental, you can experience quite a bit of city life in the most densely populated city in the world, and when you want a break from the city, there are plenty of beaches and tourist spots near Manila that you can visit.

Check out the top tourist spots in Manila

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Manila Tourist Spots

Best LagunaTourist Spots

Laguna is a province in the Philippines and is located directly south of Laguna Lake in the Luzon region of the country. It is not as well known as some other areas of the Philippines because it is not located directly on the shore where you have beach access, but there are plenty of other tourist spots to check out while staying in your Laguna vacation rental.

Check out the top tourist spots in Laguna

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laguna tourist spots

Best Cavite Tourist Spots

Cavite has a rich history, but there are also a lot of other tourist spots in the province to visit. There are beautiful views of the Philippines to see, mountains to climb, and even churches to visit in Cavite. Let’s take a moment to explore some of the top things to see and do in Cavite while on vacation.

Check out the top tourist spots in Cavite

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Corregidor-Island tourist spots

Best Zambales Tourist Spots

If you like relaxing on the beach, hiking mountainous regions, or exploring other picturesque tourist spots from your Zambales vacation rental, then this may be a perfect place for you to visit.

Check out the top tourist spots in Zambales

Find Houses in Zamabales

zambales vacation rental

Best Quezon City Tourist Spots

Quezon City is a place that is rich in history and there are plenty of Quezon City vacation rentals that are close to several churches with interesting architecture to visit, wildlife parks to explore, and plenty of historic museums to experience during your visit.

Check out the top tourist spots in Quezon City

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Quezon City Tourist Spots

Best Antipolo Tourist Spots

The city of Antipolo is approximately 16 miles east of Manila. Most of the city sits on a plateau so you will have a beautiful picturesque background in any of the pictures that you take while you are visiting Antipolo.

Check out the top tourist spots in Antipolo

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Antipolo Tourist Spots

Where Are Your Favorite Tourist Spots In The Philippines? 

Please let us know in the comments where you like to vacation most in the Philippines.

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